Cross Island Trail, Kent Island, Maryland 12.13.2011

This is our first stop on The WooFDriver Rail-Trails Tour!! We ran the Cross Island Trail on Kent Island located on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. We started the day on the later side. I had to prep all my cameras and equipment, I was also still debating which trail to head to. My friend Shawn, who is also my IT and computer technician (was joining us to run the 3D video camera) said he grew up on Kent Island and knew the trail so it would be a good choice!! The crew today is Jim, Chris, and Shawn.

Click Here For A Link To This Trail!!

Finally around 11:15 AM we headed out. Only about an hour and fifteen minutes just across the Bay Bridge we arrived at The Cross Island Trail. While on tour I will be traveling with Chris and Jim, they are great friends, as well as equipment knowledgeable and capable of repairs. They will also help setting up as well as with photography and videography. I want to document as much as much as possible of my journeys!!

We hit the trail at about high noon. I had both electric carts with me. the dogs were traveling with me and Chris was in the back seat filming. Jim and Shawn were in the other cart following us and filming also. We started out great, smooth running. This trail is paved and very flat. It was a beautiful day sunny and in the lower 50s!! The dogs were well rested and ready to roll.

KentIslandSignThis trail started off kind of funky. It crossed over a bunch of streets and went right through the grounds of a high school. About a third of the way 2 miles into the trail we found the more secluded part. It was beautiful. It wound through the tall pine trees and over wooden deck style bridges which was so cool!! We finally emerged toward the end through a little more commercialized area and over a rather large bridge!! Turns out the trail goes over a draw bridge safely enough besides the traffic but I was still glad to have extra eyes from my friends to avoid any hazards. The draw bridge kind of came up on us quick. I actually didn’t know we were going to cross it. I saw the bridge but didn’t realize it was a Draw Bridge until I was on it!! The dogs were a little apprehensive to cross it. I think because they could see the water underneath them through the gating on the bridge. I got off the dog cart and so did one of my friends to help reassure the dogs and praise them that it was ok to cross it. There was one particular gap in the draw bridge that bothered Chase more than the others so i carried him across it. It all went very well!!

The next minor incident was The BigRig Dog Cart broke down!! This is why on these journeys I go with a supporting crew!! At this point we were halfway through the trail. Shawn got in with me and the dogs on the working cart. Jim walked back about 6.5 miles!! Chris walked (actually he stood on the front of the broken down rig) and motored it carefully to a nearby gas station!! Shawn and I with the dogs had an awesome ride back!! We took a slight detour and went onto a small stretch of beach right on the Chesapeake Bay!! We were able to see the sunset on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, it was truly awesome!! that was the first time I ever had the dog cart on sand. It sunk in the sand!! I had to get off and help the dogs MUSH it out!! It was all great. Shawn and I actually got a little lost but didn’t wander off to far. By the rime we got back to the truck Jim arrived from his walk. It was just getting dark. We loaded up in the dark and headed out to pick Chris up. We all stayed in touch by cell phone and everything worked out!! After we picked Chris up we headed out to a Fantastic dinner at Adam’s Ribs. The dogs were all puckered out and enjoyed the comfort of the truck as we dined. The Dog Cart is fixed now and we are planning our next Journey for Tuesday December 20!! I can’t wait!! Total mileage with the detour and all was about 16.5 miles!!



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