Fort Frederick Trail, Western Maryland, 12.20.2011

This is our second stop on The WooFDriver Rail-Trails Tour!! We ran part of The Fort Frederick Trail in Western Maryland!! We got an earlier start about 9:30AM compared to last week. The On Board Crew was Jim, Chris, and Dave. Chris had been to Fort Frederick and felt this would be a fun an enjoyable trail. He was right!!

Click Here For A Link to This Trail!!

We arrived about 11:15 AM and started the trail around 11:45. All went well for about 5 minutes or so!! The Big Rig that is supposed to provide our filming support broke down!! Just like last week!! Chris and Jim took it back to the parking lot as Dave and I trailed on!! Not to worry Dave can film in the rear seat of the Low Ryder!! We were off on the trial.

Our first cool encounter was the arched bridge tunnel that we traveled through. We noticed all along the trail the old Telegraph Poles, most still intact!! I would have thought they were regular telephone poles (because they look so similar) until Dave and Chris told me the difference!! I than noticed they had glass like pieces on the top and they were shorter than standard telephone poles. Very interesting they have a lot of history. This trail was extremely flat and very desolate!! Good to run the dogs on except it is asphalt. Asphalt is ok but I try not to make a steady diet of it. We crossed a lot of small wooden bridges crossing the Canal and areas called Little Pool and Big Pool. These Pools looked like huge swimming pool that were i guess were part of the canal!! There were also some Aqua Ducts along the way. I have a picture and video of one (check it out). They look like waterfalls inside of a large well!! They are usual looking and used to manage the water many years ago. The one we have pictured was still flowing!! Other sights included an old grave yard, old rail road pieces and most appealing to me was a cool old bridge that we crossed over (also pictured and video taped). I crossed this bridge myself (as Dave filmed) and took a short detour on a grassy path paralleling the C & O canal. That was some extra fun for the dogs!!

CandOSignWe had a hole heard of White tail beautiful Deer cross out in front of us!! Of course the dogs kicked in the Turbo at that point!! We went to the 10 mile marker which brought us into the town of Hancock Maryland. This guy approached me, I thought he was checking out what we were doing. He didn’t care about that, he was just trying to sell an old 25″ inch TV!! He said it was to heavy for him but I could have it for 8.00 dollars!! Of course I am always cordial and respectful so I thanked him for the offer and explained to him I am mushing with my dogs there is no place to put the TV on my sled on wheels!! I don’t quite think he understood that for some reason!! The town was the halfway point of our journey so we than proceeded to head back. That is when the REAL FUN happened!!

You won’t believe this but my Trike with me and Dave and the dogs on board got a flat tire!! Oh Boy, another situation to deal with!! You know what I say: Keep On Wheelin’!! Well Dave jumped off and started walking to avoid his weight on the bad tire. I chugged along bad tire and all towards home (we were about 4 miles out from the truck). We met up with Jim who was waiting for us in the other bike to film us (Jim and Chris fixed the problem on the other bike and came halfway up the trial to wait for us) was walking back because Chris was taking the other bike again back to the truck. They decided as the day got later and darker they better head back when they noticed that bike was getting low on battery and it is extremely hard to pedal. So Jim and Dave were able to rendezvous and walk back together!! Chris was the first back to the truck. he was walking the Big Rig back because it did run out of gas about 2 miles from the parking lot!!

The good news, everybody was great, no injuries, the dogs got a 21 plus mile run in, and these were minor, fixable issues. We are changing plans and reworking our Tour to try and avoid future issues!! Finally when we I got back to the truck the Park ranger showed up and waited until we were all accounted for before he left. That was very considerate of him!! The dogs and all of us still had a blast and were fortunate enough to ride this great Trail!!




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