Ironton Rail-Trail, Allentown, Pennsylvania 01.10.2012

IrontonCoverTopThe WooFDriver Tour visits the Ironton Rail-Trail near Allentown Pennsylvania!! Today we actually got a decent start out at about 9:15 AM. We knew we had to leave somewhat early because we were going about 3 hours from home. The crew today is Jim, Chris, and Dave. We met Dave at a park and ride since we were traveling towards him anyway. We arrived about 12:15 and quickly started our tour!! For those of you who have been following our tour adventures, you know we have had endless troubles with the BigRig yellow bike. We won’t be having those troubles today, we left it at home!! Today Chris will follow us on a the WooF Wheeler, which is a mini fold up electric bicycle, capable of attaching the dogs to.

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And we were off to the run. This was going to be an awesome trail, you could tell immediately from the condition of the asphalt to the available trail signage. One of those signs told us that there is a $600.00, that’s right, $600.00 fine for not cleaning up after your pet. WOW!! i had to check to see if we were in Beverly Hills!!LOL!! Needless to say, I always obey all the trail rules. I want to respect their trail and preserve the condition so others can enjoy!! You can see the photo of me disposing of the dog waste. they actually had pet waste receptacles all over the trail which made it easy to abide by. Enough about that stuff, this trail was truly awesome!! There was so much to see everywhere. All kinds of Railroad memories with signs, and artifacts tastefully displayed and and restored in some instances.

IrontonCoverBottomThere was also a lot of old buildings that were part of this Iron and Coal producing town!! The buildings were really for the most part run down, but the character and and flavor were all still quite intriguing. We crossed a few bridges, went under one really cool railroad style one, and into a weird kind of wood tunnel? We encountered only a few road crossings, which was manageable, but the drivers definitely were not yielding to us trail riders!! At one crossing a school bus was so kind to stop for us and put the STOP lights on to stop any other traffic!! I thought that was so cool. Dave was riding in the back with me and said, the bus stopped so the kids on it could see us!! They were checking us out!! In any case the weather was decent, an overcast low 40s degrees. Pretty comfortable for us humans , but a little warm for the dogs. Because of the fantastic history and cool scenery we got a lot of interesting photos and videos. check them out. My only complaint is that this trail wasn’t longer. I enjoy all of our dog adventures, but the dogs and me could have gone further. The trail was pretty level. i was able to get some speed out of them to work them for the lack of distance. We did close to 11 miles, we covered it pretty quickly.

An excellent adventure, and probably my second favorite trail so far on the WooFDriver Tour. Favorite was the Cross Island Trail on Kent Island!! By the way we stopped at what is becoming our usual Cracker Barrel for dinner!!

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