Lehigh Valley Rail-Trail Lehigh Pennsylvania 01.18.2012

WaterFallCoverThe sixth stop on The WooFDriver Tour, takes us to Lehigh Pennsylvania!! The tour day started off our now normal time, around 9:15.  We picked up Dave since he lives on the way we are headed. The crew today is the regulars: Jim, Chris, and Dave. We were traveling about 3 and a half hours to Lehigh Pennsylvania. Another cold day on tap. Temperature was around 30, and it was gloomy with sporadic snow falling as we headed up. We arrived around 12:30 to a desolate, dusting of snow, covered trail.

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It actually was gorgeous. The Lehigh River was rolling and the setting was really green from the Rhododendron plants all over. There was a steep road leading us into the trail parking lot that had a sign which advised no winter maintenance on this road!! Well, we luckily made it down the hilly road with no problem. Besides my FurWheelDrive LOL, I have Four Wheel Drive on my truck. I was more concerned about Jim, who was in front of us in his pick up truck. He doesn’t have four wheel but he did just fine. The bigger concern was, is he going to make it up this hill to exit? He was concerned also, so he found road salt, the county had on the roadside, and he spread that all over the hill. It worked out perfectly!! We only had one bike for this outing, so at 1:15 Dave and I, plus obviously the WooFPak rolled out to run the trail!!

Again this trail had a light dusting of snow which did make it a little slippery but we were running FurWheelDrive!! The dogs provided the traction we needed!! About a quarter of a mile in, we get to a beautiful waterfall!! It was truly spectacular. I just didn’t expect to see this waterfall just show up. What a pleasant surprise and pumped me up for the scenery to come!! As we made our way on this trail we noticed there was not another soul in sight. I am sure partly because of the cold and also the time of year. It was cool to own the trail, and just absorb the beauty and serenity. The trail for the most part is nestled in the valley with mountains all around. The river paralleled us almost the whole way.

BlackBearSignCoverOn the trail ahead, we saw more waterfalls, cool old rail road bridges, and lots of wild ice formations all along the rocks of the mountainside.  We got to a Rail Road crossing and there wasn’t any gates or lights so I figured it wasn’t an active route. Well while we were crossing the tracks we spotted a sign that said live Rail Road crossing watch for trains!! Dave and I were like WOW! It was all good though, no problems!! The Rail Road then parelleled the trail for a while. There again was no real barrier with the trail, the tracks didn’t cross the trail again, just ran real close to it. I am sure it was safe, but a little nerve racking if a train did come through. We didn’t spot any trains running on that route today.

We also came upon what looked like an old pedestrian suspension bridge that crossed over the trail and the Lehigh River. We than found the information sign that said it was actually an old oil pipeline. That was cool!! Throughout the day, Dave and I were talking about if there were bear around there. The conditions looked right so we were on the lookout. Well we ran into a sign that read “Watch For Black Bear In This Area”!!  I don’t want to run into any bears believe me, but I do feel safer when the dogs are with me. I am certainly not an expert on bear, but I have heard that packs of wolves have been known to hunt bear, at least Polar Bears. In fact, in Alaska some people I understand, have huskies in their yard because of their close resemblance to the wolf, and that helps deter Polar Bears from going near their yard!! Cool Stuff!! We didn’t spot any bear just the sign!! In any case by now I was getting chilled, the sun did make it out today, but the trail was in the shadows a good majority of the way.

We were getting close now, to the lot where we were going to meet Jim and Chris in the truck to pick us up. As we were almost there we did cross a really cool old restored Rail Road bridge. It was about a quarter of a mile long crossing The Lehigh River!!  Along this final corridor we also passed by some of the cool Rail Road Train Cars that they use to run scenic tours of this trail.

This was my favorite trail so far. The secluded setting and scenery were incredible, and the surface was asphalt and a really fine, almost a powered limestone. It seemed really comfortable on the dogs paws. it was a little lose or slightly sinking in some areas because they were still doing some sort of construction on the surface in those areas.

We had a great run today and the dogs of course just loved it!! We ran 15 miles!! We did our normal Cracker Barrel for dinner stop!!

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