New Freedom Pennsylvania, Heritage Rail Trail 01.25.12

CoverTunnelPhotoThe seventh stop on this WooFDriver Tour, takes us to New Freedom Pennsylvania!! We chose this trail because of its close proximity to where we are located. The WooFDriver WooFLiner (Ford Excursion) is in the shop for repair on the fuel pump and Catalytic converter. We therefore had to take some time transferring equipment from one truck to another and carrying extra equipment and and extra bicycle was going to be difficult. That is why we traveled light and close by today!! Our WooFDriver Crew was Jim, Chris, and Dave. Today we are riding for the first time the latest WooFDriver Rig, which is the brand new Super Quad Low Ryder!! Also running the dogs on a new bike set up we wanted to be relatively close to home in case we had some unforeseen issues. We rolled out at about 10:45 and were on the trail by 11:45.

Click Here For A Link To This Trail!!

The weather was cool in the high 30s and sunny!! This was going to be another fun ride!! This is a trail I have frequented a lot in the past (also known as The NCR Trail) but never made it up to the section we were riding today. The trail conditions were wet and slushy in some areas. I know that the trail does not drain great. the surface is a comfortable crushed limestone, but because of the poor draining, the limestone gets messy and all over the riders, dogs, and the vehicle. Its not a hazard or problem just a little dirty!! The trail rides right next to the railroad tracks. At a safe distance of course, we didn’t see any trains though and weren’t sure t if it is still a  working railroad.

Our riding went awesome!! The trail was not busy at all. We ran into a bike rider who looked a little out of his element. In some of the shaded spots there were stretches of the trail that were snow covered. He probably didn’t expect to run into the snow. He was actually walking his bike on the rail of the railroad!!

CoverSculpturesThe trail had some nice diversity. It ran from farm lands where we were up close and personal with some cows, to right through some little towns and clusters of shops and restaurants. We did cross a lot of relatively small streets, and that was a little of a pain, because the barriers they put up to avoid ATV’s and other larger vehicles from riding the trail were fairly narrow. It was good training for the dogs to squeeze through, but we have to keep slowing down to go through and cross the streets these barriers were located at. At one spot we actually went under the gate because it seemed easier than squeezing through the barriers!! We can do that because this Super Quad Low Ryder is really low to the ground!!

Other cool sights and encounters, beside the beautiful natural scenery along the way included, 3 huge sculptures of bicycles, a colorful sculpture of a man and horse, and a really awesome OLD Railroad Tunnel!! This tunnel called The Howard Tunnel was completed in 1838!! It is the oldest continually used railroad tunnel in the United States. They say during Civil War time it was manned with a cannon on top to protect it from being captured by the Confederates. Pretty incredible stuff!!  The tunnel is 300 feet long and a little dark in there, but the dogs cruised it like it was a walk in the park, FUN stuff!!

Today did 15 plus miles in about 3.5 hours. We traveled on the trail from New Freedom Pennsylvania to York Pennsylvania!! This was a nice close by run we all had the usual awesome time. We stopped for our dinner at Paesanos Italian restaurant!

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