The Capital Area Greenbelt Rail-Trail Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 01.03.2012

Greenbeltme3Today we still got a late start imagine that!! The delay again came up with just deciding on which trail to visit.We were supposed to start at 8:00 AM, that would allow us to go to a trail about 3 hours away. We actually left around 10:00 AM. We therefore choose to go to a trail closer to us. that trail is actually called The Capital Area Greenbelt trail. It is probably call capital area because it is located in Pennsylvania’s capital of Harrisburg.

Click Here For A Link To This Trail!!

The crew today was Jim, Chris, and Dave. It was blustery COLD!! With the wind chill it was about 13 degrees Fahrenheit!! We arrived at about 11:30. The problem with most of these trails is that there is no real street address listed. We therefore have to find a cross street and guesstimate the trail head or the beginning where we would like to start from. At this trail it was very confusing. the trail actually goes around the city of Harrisburg and you have to cross a lot of streets and ride on some major roads!! That might be ok for a regular bicyclist, but not for me and the WooFPak!! The location we arrived at was so cool though, there was an awesome bridge which was for just pedestrians and I think bicyclist. It actually crossed the Susquehanna river and looked really cool. I wanted to ride it, but the park ranger was not available to find out if we could and we again think it went into the city!! We finally read some maps and found a more rural part to go to. Again this was very confusing also. We did make it to what they call Wildwood Park.

We started out on this really cool dirt trail which quickly turned to a paved trail. It followed around a pretty big lake. Of course as we started the Big Rig Bike with Jim and Dave broke down again! for the ten thousandth time!! Dave switched positions with Chris who was riding with me and the dogs. Dave and I followed the trail around the lake . after we got about a half of mile Dave thought this part of the trail ended, looking at the map he had. We than turned around and headed the other way. This part of the trail was really cool. It was like we riding a ledge between the big Lake and smaller ponds on the other side. it was really narrow also. When we ran into other people on the trail we had to pull over as far as possible just to barely let them by us!! As we made our way around the lake we figured out it was a three mile loop. I want to travel 15 to 20 miles so I wanted to find the actual Greenbelt Rail Trail because obviously we weren’t on it. Well Jim and Chris packed up the other broken bike and they met us at the lot we came off the path at. They thought the trail went the way we were going and we followed it. We went under some major Roadways. I think it was I81?? We followed the trail and it ended about a mile ahead at a residential neighborhood?? Weird again!! Dave and I than retraced our path and finished the lake loop. we had gone about 4.5 miles now.

Jim and Chris met us back at the Wildwood Park trail entrance and told us they did some research about the trail. We have to do about a mile stretch again on the lake and when we get to the same lot we were at before go right instead of left!! Well we did it, it came to a road way with a generous size sidewalk we could run the dogs and gear on. It was marked Greenbelt Trail!! We were now on the main trail!! We followed it for about 2 miles as it meandered through construction zones that as still safe for us to ride. It wasn’t very scenic but it was usable. I think all this construction was for a casino!! All of these cities need money so they are turning to gambling. In any case we wound up in the parking lot of the local college. Apparently the trail runs right through the campus!! Oh Boy!! The students were enjoying us cruising through their campus. Well the trail from there came to a pretty major intersection. It may have continued from there somewhere, but was not clearly marked (imagine that). So at this point it was starting to get dark not to mention colder. We therefore decided to head back. Under a slight but of protest from Dave because of the cold, I did take the long way back around the lake. I did this to maximize the run for the dogs. I still only clocked around 12 miles. Well it was still adventurous and scenic in some areas. Also it had a few nice hills we had to navigate which was a good workout for the dogs. again I have electric power on board to help assist on the hills and if the dogs tire!! Next tour date we are going to research the trail better!!

We had a great meal on the way home at the Cracker Barrel restaurant!!

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