Atlantic County Bikeway Near Atlantic City In New Jersey 02.22.2012

DSC02868CoverThis is the Eleventh Stop on The WooFDriver Tour!! We are headed to New Jersey near Atlantic City!! This is our first ride in New Jersey. Our crew today is the usual Jim, Chris, and Dave. We rolled out about 9:15 and were trail borne at about 1:15. We spent a little time reversing the seat on the Low Ryder Trike  that Chris and Dave would be riding. We did this so Dave, doing most of the photography and videography, would be able to get a better more comfortable view of me and the WooFPak!! A beautiful day was on tap today!! Temperatures in the mid 50s, with sunny skies!! A little warm this time of the year for the dogs so plenty of water and a little gentler riding was in order today!!

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I must admit I was extra excited to do this trail!! When I was younger I spent many of summers with family in Wildwood New Jersey with visits to Atlantic City. In my more mature years (my maturity level can be argued, LOL) I have taken many trips with my late father for business and pleasure. Needless to say lots of fond memories of New Jersey and especially Atlantic City. In any case let the trail riding begin!! We were off as I said around 1:15.

This trail was actually very quiet for being so close to the shore and Atlantic City. It had generous wide grassy shoulders, again good for my slightly wide footprint of The SuperQuad Low Ryder with the dog’s on board. There was a handful or so of road crossings which were fairly well organized with crosswalks and pedestrian traffic lights. There was an incident, as usual, where a driver was trying to go in front of our right away because they seemed preoccupied!! Again this is why i travel with Pit Crew of guys, to ensure safety for these Touring Times!!  At one intersection crossing with a street, the bollards or barriers that keep automobiles from entering the trail, was very tight. They usually are 36″ plus. These were closer which makes it more challenging for us to navigate and fit through. I have trained the dogs to squeeze through these tight barriers which is really remarkable to see. This one was closer though so we had Dave and Chris assist as we squeezed through!!

DSC02956CoverThis trail is 7.5 miles long, so we were going to do our normal 15 miles which meant we would loop this trail. This means Dave and Chris could follow and film us on the whole trail instead of meeting toward the end of the trail like we usually do for longer trails to allow us to see more of a trail. When we got close toward the turnaround point of this trail we had a little trouble with our main ride (SuperQuad Low Ryder) that I was driving with the dogs and Jim. When we were climbing the only hill on this trail, the assistance motor gears broke. This meant we had no motor power assistance. We use the motor to ride on grass when avoiding and yielding to any other trail users. It is obviously harder for the dogs to pull on a non paved surface because of the friction. We also use the assistance to help climb hills.

We wanted to figure out if we rode the SuperQuad if we would do any more damage. We actually called the fellows who built it at Utah Trikes!! What awesome service, they helped us on the phone and with our resident Pit Crew expert mechanic Chris, we determined we could let the dogs pull it and some of the crew could help on any hills or on the grass as needed!! Needless to say the dogs did great with very little assistance from us!! This was so cool and great work for them. This trail was pretty level which helped our cause greatly!! We got back to the truck about 4:15 and the WooFPak was spent!! Definitely not overworked the temperatures were getting cooler towards the later hours and we took plenty of water breaks!! This was a great ride, especially because we were all together, that’s always fun!! I just wish it was a little more scenic, maybe some beech views because we were so close, but that wasn’t happening. As you will see we did get some really cool video footage as Dave, was pioneering one of our Hero Cams on a extension bar that he was putting over top, to the side, and in front of us for some really fun footage!! Check it OUT!!

No need to ask!! For dinner tonight we drove into Atlantic City to my possible favorite restaurant!! It’s called The White House Sub Shop. It’s actually a whole in the wall place, that President, movie stars, and famous athletes have dined at!! They serve a good selection of hot and cold subs, plain bagged potato chips, canned soda, and Tasty Cake deserts!! My kind of place!! By the way, speaking earlier of preoccupied drivers. as we were walking across the street to get to The White House Sub Shop, we had the right of way(the walk light) and this woman making a right hand turn almost ran into Dave. Dave was not a happy camper to say the least.  Everybody is safe and we had a great day and great dinner!!

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