Great Allegheny Passage, Frostburg, Maryland 02.01.2012

DSCF1010CoverThe eighth stop on the WooFDriver Tour takes us to Frostburg Maryland!! We rolled out around 9:30 with an were on the Great Allegheny Passage Trail in Frostburg Maryland around 1:00. The crew today was the usual Jim, Chris and Dave. We were able to finally have to vehicles ne obviously to run the dogs on and one to have 2 people on to drive and film ahead or behind us!! A beautiful day was on tap for us humans temperatures in the mid 50s. The dogs were not quite as comfortable with the higher temps so of course we went a slower speed with more water breaks!!

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As we got on the trail, we had to go through a “switchback”. I was unfamiliar with this term but apparently as Dave told me, it was also a path for us with lots of curves and turns to get us to the head of the trail which was down a steep hill!! This makes negotiating the steep grade easier to manage. Because our ADV (All Dog Vehicle), The Super Quad Bike which is close to 10 feet long this was a challenge. I have taught the WooFPak (my dogs) to back up and they seem to do it well, so that command came in handy as I had to make some of these curves and turns with a few points of backing up and creeping forward!! This worked out very well!! We than proceeded to get on the trail and roll!!

DSC02082CoverThe trail was a crushed limestone and some places were also paved asphalt. It was nicely maintained and very generous grassy shoulders which are nice for passing and pulling over to water the dogs. It was pretty empty from other trail riders, which is to be expected for this time of year. As on most of these trails, hence Rail Trails, we were very close proximity to the tracks and it was part of the heritage and scenery. We didn’t pass any working trains. The views were incredible especially when were on the top ridge of the mountain we were riding on. This was cool because it was the total opposite of the Lehigh Valley Trail which took us at the bottom of the trail wedged between the mountains. Now we were at the top.  Please see the pictures of both trails in my photo section so you can see how cool the diversity of these trails are!! We did go through a long railroad tunnel (700 plus feet)  which said was lighted on the inside but the lights were off!! The sign said please don’t enter the tunnel while a train is passing through, how comfortable this was!! The  tunnel was dark but we still managed fine especially with the dogs keen sense of direction!!  We also passed a closed off cave with some really cool history. The cave was discovered in 1912 and is called Cumberland Bone Cave because bones were found belonging to animals that are now extinct!! Some bones date back to over 200,000 years ago and are now display in the one of The Smithsonian Museums!! Jim and Chris parked our trucks at the end point of the trail that we wanted to finish at. They than proceeded to take the other 2 seater bicycle actually trike and met us at the 10 mile marker which was for them 5 miles in on the trail.

We followed them to where the they parked the trucks. The Signage and information maps seemed to well document the trail, but apparently it wasn’t so clear at the parking area. Jim and Chris took us through some rough terrain and rail road and road crossings!! Of course our first concern is for the dogs, that is one reason there is 4 of us on these Tour Outings!! We only proceeded with the utmost careful and safe precautions. In fact at one point the Super Quad me and the dogs were riding was just a bit to wide to get through one of these barriers on the trail. We ride always prepared, so we took the dogs of the Super Quad and switched them to the Trike than Jim and Chris were riding because it is narrower!! We ride with both vehicles (Super Quad and Trike) able to run the dogs on in case of a situation like this!! I than piloted the trike with the dogs at my side and the crew lifted the Super Quad over the barriers in a short time we were all back together!!

It was an awesome day!! We did 15 miles of trail running!! The dogs had a blast!! Dinner was at an excellent Italian Restaurant called Fratelli’s!! This was our best meal and maybe best trail yet!!

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