Perkiomen Trail, Montgomery Pennsylvania, 02.08.12

DSC02520CoverWe are already on our ninth stop on the WooFDriver Tour!! Where does time go? We are headed to the Perkiomen Trail which is about a 30 minutes from Philadelphia!! Our normal crew is on board: Jim, Chris, and Dave. We headed out a bit late today around 9:45 AM. We met Dave on the way and arrived at the trail head around 12:30. We had a mechanical failure today on the Jumbo Jet WooFDriver Truck. The steps on the rear set of doors broke their weld and fell off as I was stepping on them!! Not a big deal nobody hurt most importantly,  and no major damage done. Chris and Jim addressed the problem immediately and made the proper provisions!!  Today is a partly sunny day, cool with temperatures in the mid to high 30s.  Dave as usual lately, has mapped this trail and routed us on a journey to ride our desired distance of about 15 miles. Jim and Chris will meet up with us around the 10 mile point so they can film us from the other bike for the last 5 miles!!

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This trail was wet and snow covered in some areas. the wet areas really were muddy. Dave who is filming from the backseat of our main rig was getting soaked with mud!! Don’t tell him how much i kept laughing hearing him say, oh no I just got sprayed with mud!! LOL!! We actually did about a 4 mile loop Dave had planned to get the additional mileage we needed to make it a 15 mile journey. That loop did actually ride on the shoulder of some roads, which was fun but tight. We actually got to one point that was actually like a driveway on the trail and a Tractor Trailer was headed towards us on their side of the road. That was fun!! This part of the trail was somewhat hectic but we soon enough made it to the main part that was exclusively reserved for just trail traffic, no cars, buses, or trucks!!

DSC02425CoverThe trail terrain changed a few times from dirt (mud when wet) to asphalt.  It was not real scenic, it did parallel and cross the Perkiomen Creek all along way but there were a lot of thick woods and not a lot of scenic views. It has of course natural trail beauty, but not a lot of attractions like other trails we have visited.We did cross a relatively long bridge just for trail traffic which was really nice and provided some nice river and creek views. Around that area we actually found ourselves right next to a chair lift!! There was a downhill skiing area right there!! That was cool! This ski area is called Spring Mountain.  Also as we passed this skiing area we saw a sign for a hill ahead on the trail with a 12 percent grade!! Well that was a big grade!! Actually our SuperQuad ADV needed a push from Dave to get up the hill!! Even with Dog Power and the motor we were a little short on torque!! That’s why we have Dave!! Now we didn’t have a harness for him but he still was able to carry our payload!! Thanks Dave!!

Jim and Chris met us actually at the 11 mile point where we had 4 miles left to roll!! This part of the trail had some fun curves that the dogs were trucking on!! Cool Stuff!! We also went across a larger trail bridge that actually came up and over the trail!! That was kind of cool, and offered some nice photo opportunities!! We had the usual great time!! Things went well and we were back before sunset!! that makes everyone happy because it is easier to load in the natural daylight!! We did our 15 mile total in about 4 hours. I really wanted to head into Philadelphia for a famous steak sub(hoagie) but it was getting late so we stopped for an Italian meal at a nice restaurant called Gino’s!!
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