The Schuylkill River Trail Near Philadelphia Pennsylvania, 02.15.2012

DSC02720CoverThis is our tenth stop on The WooFDriver Tour!! We are going to The Schuylkill River Trail in Pennsylvania!! This trail actually connects to the trail we traveled last week The Perkiomen Trail.  Our crew today is Jim, Chris and Dave. We left at our normal time around 9:30. We had to make parking arrangements for the crew as construction was being done on my neighborhood streets. A nice day was on tap with a moderate chill temperatures in the low to mid 40s with partly sunny skies. We got on the trail head around 12:45 and were rocking and rolling soon after!!

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The beginning of this trail was actually a heavily traveled with commuters. The first 5 miles or so was not busy because we started after the morning rush. But the trail traveled through a lot of the city limits. We were therefore crossing streets and even traveling through a local bus station area. It was slightly hectic having to be alert to local traffic and busy city areas!! We also did encounter some bike riders probably doing 25  MPH plus!!  This trail was paved asphalt and actually pretty wide. The Park Ranger which we did see, actually patrols this trail in his truck!! We saw him driving down the trail. It was fairly unusual, as we don’t run into many cars or trucks on the Rail Trails!! The good part of his truck being on there was that the barriers were a little wider to accommodate these vehicles so we could easily fit our rig through at the different cross points. The Park ranger told me that a lot of the gates and barriers are broken from people traveling in cars and running from the police barreling through this trail!! How comforting to know!! I am glad he had presence out here today!!

DSC02861CoverBeing on the city limits and kind of downtown there weren’t a lot of interesting sights our sounds.About a third into the Schuylkill River Trail it gave way to a more natural setting. We still had the waste water management area paralleling us but that to stopped around two thirds into the trail. Finally we were able to enjoy a little more serenity but it was few and far between!!  We came to a beautiful residential area along the river banks with their own private access. I can only imagine the beauty of this area when in blossom. We also passed through a quick jaunt in The Valley Forge!!

Maybe because of the relatively limited scenery and therefore less stops we actually found ourselves trucking pretty quickly!! The dogs were well rested in preparation for this trip so again they were king of peppy!! In fact Jim and Chris who usually meet us at the last third of our trip (usually after we do 10 miles) had not even left when we got to the meeting point!! We therefore took about a three mile excursion while waiting for them. The dogs had plenty in the tank so this worked out nicely!! This additional excursion was also a pretty travel. We met the crew and traveled the last 5 miles or so while they were able to get some nice video and photos of us. We came to a fairly scenic high bridge that was for us trail riders to cross the river!! We finished up before dark with about 18 miles under our belt in about four hours. Again a good pace for us and the dogs!! We were close again to Philadelphia on this trail, so this time I got a more local flavor from a small hoagie n(sub) shop we were able to eat dinner at!! This place was really good eats it was called appropriately Vinny’s!!
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