Washington & Old Dominion Trail Ashburn Virginia 02.28.2012

HorseCollageCoverThis is our 12TH stop on The WooFDriver Tour!! We are headed out to The Washington & Old Dominion Trail near Leesburg Virginia. An awesome day again on tap. Temperatures in the mid 60s!! Is this February, I have to keep asking myself!! It has been a very mild winter in our part of the country. Earlier in the year on the WooFDriver Tour we did have a couple of ice cold days, but that seem long ago now!! In any case our Pit Crew today is Jim, Chris, and Dave!! We only need to travel about 90 minutes to get to our starting point today. we left about 10:00 AM and were trail borne at  high noon!! This, by the way, is our first Tour date in Virginia!!

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When were unloading the truck to set up to run the trail, we were reminded how careful and alert we must be to cars and traffic near the trails we are running!! As we set up a car actually slammed on the brakes and skidded to stop for some bicycle riders that were at the trail crosswalk!! Luckily it wasn’t an accident just a reminder to be careful!! This trail from what I understand, was purchased from the railroad company by the electric company years ago. The electric company has a lot of equipment along the trail but it is nicely off to the side and maintained!! This trail was paved asphalt, but there were a lot of dirt trails paralleling  and intersecting the main trail. this was very convenient considering this trail was somewhat narrow, oncoming bicyclers or pedestrian could detour on a side path to avoid having to stop an yield to the oncoming traffic!!Very nice for us considering again we are slightly wider with the dogs and equipment!! Chris and Jim met us about half way on the trail so Dave could than do the filming facing me and the dogs for some variety views!! Dave was able to do some of his creatively famous pole mounted, video filming!! It is awesome, check out the video!! Gotta give a shout out to Chris also for steady driving at perfect speeds for Dave to be able to capture the footage!!

DSC03246CoverThis trail setting  was pretty rural except we passed through a decent size town called Loudon County. We were getting a lot of farm views and the beautiful  rolling hills of Virginia complete with horses!! There was a few historic railroad remnants around, including old stonewall supports to what appeared to be an old Railroad bridge, and also an intact stone bridge which the train ran under, dating back to the 1870s!! This trail, though there weren’t a lot of sight seeing spots per say, like some other trails we have visited, it had a great variety of scenery. From the wooded areas, to the town, to large spans of land!! There were a few road crossings, one was pretty major with no signal for us. But it was all great!! One of my favorite parts was two rather large trail bridges we crossed that was over top of major freeways!! it was kind of cool not having to compete with the traffic beneath, as we cruised above it!! The trail actually ended in at a neat little area in the town of Percellville!! This town matched the Railroad setting well, and looked like they caught all of that detail nicely!! We finished this trail in about 4 hours, in which we covered about 17 miles!! It was an awesome day!! Dinner was at the Cracker Barrel!!

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