Deckers Creek Trail, Morgantown West Virginia 03.27.2012

DSC042960CoverThis is our 16th Stop on The WooFDriver Tour!! We will travel 200 miles plus to West Virginia!! We are going to Ride Deckers Trail and wind up in Morgantown West Virginia. We were trying to get a 7AM start, but didn’t actually roll out until about 8AM. It seems Mr.Dave was running a little late today!! imagine that!! The Pit Crew likes to blame me for tardiness, but let me let you know here, that I am not always the culprit!! Today the crew is the usual Jim, Chris, and Dave. We did manage to get trail borne at about 1:15 PM. The ride to the trail, which is so awesome, when you get past Frederick and towards the mountains the scenery is truly spectacular. There is a place called Sidling Hill which is where the mountains have been cut through to allow for the roadway (route 70). It’s just so incredible to see this awesome feat and cool mountains of rock that parallels the highway. I love riding with the mountains in view!! I saw at one point what I think was an owl or large Red Tail Hawk in a tree in the forest along this route 70, cool stuff!! Also as we approached our trail head, we could see Deckers Creek where there was huge boulders scattered through out the creek and the water had an exotic tint of dark green color. This looked to me to be one of the most exotic looking places I may have ever seen before!! Even more or at least on par with Hawaii, totally different but truly spectacular!! I was so excited when Dave said the trail will hug this stretch of creek!! I will get to see it up close and personal!! Today the temperature was in the low 50s. Decent for the dogs so we will take them about 15 miles!!

When we got on the trail, it actually didn’t appear to exciting. Open fields with houses and business pretty close and not very scenic views. The bollards (trail barriers to keep vehicles out) were so close together, we actually had to unhook some of the dogs and navigate them through and than manage to get the SuperQuad Bike through!! we ran into quite a few of these at the begriming part of the trail. This trail was making us work and not having any great scenery to boot!! Well, we did finally get to a stretch that was as anticipated with the beautiful creek rushing through these huge boulders, it was worth the effort!! In this same area, we rolled onto the mountain side which looked down at an area on the creek probably with 1000 foot drop!! Yikes!! I carefully hugged the inside to avoid that drop off!! We did stop, at a rather a high point, where Dave got off the SuperQuad Bike and explored some of the old railroad debris that still remained from probably 100 plus years ago!! Also at one point we saw an overhang above us that looked really awesome!! It jutted out and had some large Evergreen trees growing in it. It looked like a massive flower pot overhanging on a cliff!! Loved it!! We also went over a couple of bridges that had incredible views into the deep forest surrounding the creek, we really enjoyed these views!!

DSC04364CoverWe traveled along side of some extensive Lime Stone Quarries!! These Quarries were huge!! They were in use, it looked like they actually produce crushed limestone that covered part of the trail we were riding. They made mountains (piles of this crushed limestone) that were all over the area. I guess they load the crushed limestone in a dump truck and ship it off when they sell it. These Quarries actually intersected the trail we were on, in some areas there were signs to yield to the trucks, which of course we did. At another point a little bridge our walkout that belonged to the Quarry area went over top the trail. Jim and Chris met up with us at about the 11 mile marker of our run!! Unfortunately the last part of our run which Jim and Chris had traveled were more of the Morgantown City limits and not really scenic. The bollard(trail barriers) had gotten a little wider along the way, not as tight as the begriming, but we did run into a few more toward the end of our run that got tight again? The funny thing is these are really designed to mainly keep out ATVs but you can see the tire tracks from ATVs just going to the outside of the barriers. In other words they don’t work but they only manage to give me a tough time. We did the last few miles and saw a lot of people on the trail as we got into Morgantown. Some where riding bikes, jogging, and walking. We also saw a guy on roller blades. Jag and Chase seemed to be scared when he passed us. They had never seen that before. We all had a great day with some really cool views!! Tonight dinner was at the place we ate at when we did the Frostburg Trail! it was so good, and since it was on our way home, we felt compelled to stop and get another good meal. This was the Italian restaurant called Fratellis!!

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  2 comments for “Deckers Creek Trail, Morgantown West Virginia 03.27.2012

  1. Lynn
    October 7, 2014 at 9:57 pm

    You such a good job of describing this place [ Deckers Creek Trail] you make me want to be a part of the fun. But is it legal or not. Makes No difference I am there. When is the best time of year. Send me info

    • October 8, 2014 at 2:55 pm

      Thanks again Lynn!! Yes it’s totally legal, I am a VERY law abiding citizen!! The best time of year is usually the fall or winter for the WOOFS and it is quiet as well as so Beautiful than out there on the trail!!

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