The Lower Trail, Blair Pennsylvania 03.07.2012

DSC03569CoverThis is our 13th Stop on The WooFDriver Tour!! We are headed out to The Lower(pronounced like flower) Trail near Altoona Pennsylvania!! A long journey from our base, probably the furthest we have been, close to 400 miles round trip!! Our regular Pit Crew is on board, Jim, Chris, and Dave!! I am really excited, I have some spring fever with these nice temps in our region of the USA!! Today is going to be in the mid 60s!! Again warm for the dogs, so many water breaks and rest, with a nice easy pace and much assistance from the electric motor on board!! We finally got an early start for this journey!! We rolled out about 8:15 and were trail borne around high noon!!

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Since we could get in our intended mileage in without looping back, Jim and Chris will meet us about half way or so on the other bike for video and photography purposes!! Dave and I were set and rolling. The trail was pretty empty and had a crushed limestone surface the majority of the way. Around the town we passed through (Williamsburg) it was paved asphalt. The trail had a lot of very generous grassy shoulders. this was purposely there for horseback riders. We were able to these shoulders which was even more comfortable for the dogs. I think it is less hot on their pads as well. The crushed limestone is nice, don’t get me wrong, but the grass is even better!! The trail was not busy and there were no horses today!!

Scenery was nice as we paralleled the river most of the way. There were some really incredible mountain views and white water caps on the river scattered throughout the trail. There was also quite a few remnants from the old railroad that used to occupy this trail. Signs were pretty informative and plentiful!! From my understanding, this is the only privately owned Rail Trail in the USA!! The owner actually purchased it in the 1990s for a $1.00?? Kind of incredible, it is well maintained, and they do ask for donations to keep it going. I happily obliged as I just love these Rail Trails in case you didn’t know!!

LTZarroCoverThe temperature felt great. It was actually 66 degrees. The dogs were doing great. This trail configuration and the light traffic allowed us to take two river dipping breaks for the dogs!! We found a nice little beach style area along the banks at one area and they just had a blast!! To allow them to cool their paws and wet their belly region where their internal organs are, I believe, can greatly assist on cooling them down. The extra smells and water also appeals to their senses obviously and so satisfies and stimulates their curiosity!! I love to watch them be happy. Again that’s why I do this stuff For The DOGS!!

We sometimes run into other dogs usually accompanied by their owner, occasionally a stray will cross our way!! That obviously can present a problem. Again this is why I travel with the Pit Crew to these unfamiliar areas!! I am prepared for almost anything but unpredictable animals are a major possible hazard!! An extra set of hands can be all the difference to ensure every bodies safety!! Well today, as we were riding by a house with a young child playing with a small 15 pound dog (maybe a terrier) the dog chased after us!! I cranked up the speed and had Dave on the back with a visual to help me navigate to avoid this puppy!! Usually we can outrun other dogs and or they stop the chase after we clear the property area. Well, not this one,  this dog was quite determined and was capable of catching us!! Oh NO!! Well after a mile or so a camera fall off our bike and I was forced to stop. It was best anyway because the dog was running right with us!! Well, I verbally took control of my dogs, by letting them know, don’t touch this little one. They listened very well. This puppy was not scared, but not aggressive either. He smelled my guys as I quickly scooped him up!! He was friendly and a cutie!! I handed him over to Dave, who proceeded to walk him back to the house he came from.  Dave returned pretty quickly, as the owner of the dog met him to take the dog and apologize!! All was great!! Everybody was happy and we were soon rolling again!!

This was a great day. All had fun!! We covered about 16.5 miles and as usual really enjoyed ourselves and were able to take in the beauty of the area!! Diner tonight was at The Black Hog!! A barbeque style restaurant which I enjoyed very much!!


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