Shenandoah WooFWeekend 6.20.2012

AtTheRiverThis trip was a WooFPAK training and equipment run!! I am training the 3 boys of the WooFPAK (Chase, Jag, Zarro) to be on the Invisible Fence. We have a five acre lot with about half of it with the Invisible Fence installed to let the dogs do their roaming!! Princess is already trained on the Invisible Fence as were Czar & Hudson. I have just started working with the younger boys to train them!! Usually I use a kennel there which is where they chill when we are done our activities. Now that they are maturing and able to handle more, I am putting them on the Invisible Fence!! That training I started about 2 weeks ago at my house in Baltimore in preparation for the Shenandoah. This training has gone real well and it worked perfectly at the Shenandoah. We also installed some small “bone shaped” swimming pools and auto dog watering bowls to help keep the WooFPAK cool in the yard!! This trip was also to run the brand new custom 4X4 new ADV (All Dog Vehicle)!!

ChaseShenandoah 350PXThis 4X4 rides 4 people and 4 dogs!! WOW!! It, like most of my other ADV’s has an electric assistance motor and enables us to ride the hills and challenging terrain of The Shenandoah!! I had this ADV built especially for our cabin in The Shenandoah. I want to be able to travel with my wife and our friends and family there, and be able to go out our door to ride with everyone party style on this 4X4 as we can include the dogs for an incredible experience!! This was the first time, so I brought with me part of the Human Pack of The WooFDriver Team to assist mechanically as well as observe and photograph this adventure to insure safety and to share with everyone on the WooFDriver website!!

It was a hot day on tap so running was very limited. We took a route that would provide a few areas along the way for swimming and cooling stops for the dogs!! We also rode a shady route to keep it cool!! The ride went incredibly well!! We had 4 people in the 4X4 and the dogs had a blast!! Check out the photos and fun!!

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