Sacco Cart Trot, Meet, & Train 7.27.2012

SaccosLinedUp2px300Today I wanted to work with The WooFPAK to train them to Pull, as well as work more individually and independently, and teach them to manage more weight or resistance on their own. My WooFPAK younger dogs are all two plus years old now and their bones are developed enough that they can engage in full pulling capacity. Again always keeping it fresh and FUN I got together some of The WooFDriver Pit Crew and went down to our local trail (The NCR Trail). This trail is excellent for riding and working the dogs because it is very level through most of the trail. Today The Pit Crew included: Jim, Chris, Dave, Mike, and Lenny. We also brought with us 3 Sacco Carts, one being of the new design we call The FURrari because of its incredible streamlined design and wonderful features!! The other two are original designed Sacco carts with some custom tweaks from me The WooFDriver!! In addition we brought with us The LowRyder Trike Rig, and The Super Quad LowRyder Rig!! These extra vehicles would be driven by the Crew to photograph and film this adventure as well as carry the water misting system. These bikes could also help get the dogs pulling by creating a chase vehicle!! We had Chris and Dave leading everyone down the trail. Jim was following behind everybody. We called him the Water Tanker because as we stopped to rest the dogs, he would bring the cooler of water and we would spray them down to cool them off!!

WaterTanker300pxThe Sacco Cart Trot meet went so very well! I lead the Sacco Carts and dogs with Princess. She is already trained to pull and run herself so she would be good to have in front. Lenny drove Zarro on the New Sacco Cart. Zarro is my largest and probably strongest in the PAK, he is new to pulling but he is confident enough and quick enough to just do it!! Mike drove Jag and Chase on the last Sacco Cart. I teamed Jag and Chase together because Jag is not much of a puller. He is more of what they call a “Wheel Dog” in Musher terms!! He is very steady and consistent with excellent energy management but doesn’t like to be up in the front. I knew this would challenge him some but he is closest in relations with Chase and, with Chase’s encouragement he would do well!! Chase is a runner and fairly confident as well as quick adjusting, so even though he is new to pulling he should pick it up quickly!!

We all had Fun!! Some of the dogs did need some encouragement as expected. They did get remarkably pretty comfortable pulling and even, were as expected, being competitive with each other. I don’t race my WooFPAK but competitiveness is a natural trait amongst the dogs that can assist with training and make their outings all the more Fun!! Please watch the videos and check out the photos!!


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  1. Lynn
    October 7, 2014 at 10:09 pm

    I just love everything about this site and I want to go in the fall when the leaves are at there peak. Cant wait to pet and hug the wolves.

  2. Lynn
    October 7, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    What the hell does awaiting moderation mean after you leave a comment mean? Frist time I ever saw that

    • October 8, 2014 at 2:51 pm

      Hi, thanks Lynn!! We have to approve all comments here otherwise we get a bunch of spam. Thanks so much for all your comments and kind words!!

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