Canines and Cows

Cute, Curious, and Cool – Canines & Cows 9.21.2012

On our Farm Run today we saw a bunch of cows!! We are lucky and get to see them frequently at this particular farm (I call The Big Farm because it is over 400 acres). The Cows are always very curious about the WooFPAK (my dogs) and the dogs are likewise curious about them. If we approach gently the cows will come to the fence and check us out. My one Dog Jag is a real ham and the only one in my WooFPAK that will actually go right up to the fence and maybe have a “Cow Kiss”!!  He is a little unsure of the situation as you see in the video but he gets more confident and comfortable with time. The other dogs look on with their own curiosity!!

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