The Vibrating Branch

The Vibrating Branch – September 2012

This is a weird one!! The WooFPAK and I ran into this scene at one of our Free Ranging areas we call The Mill. Mother Nature doing it again and creating some phenomenal wonders. This is actually a couple of branches from a tree coated with an insect they call a Cottony Cushion Scale!! The WooFPAK and i actually stopped to take a rest and as I glanced over to this branch I saw Vibrating I was stunned to see all of these little critter like insects. Of course I didn’t know what they were but I researched them and think the Cottony Scale is the correct name of the insect. My video seems to be one of the most abundant in these creatures. From my reading they are actually pests that can create a problem for some crops. You may see one of my Dogs in the background. You can read more about this insect here:


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