C&O Canal Hancock Maryland Maryland 11.14.2012

BCoverDSC05514This is our 4th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! weather. Today we are pursuing our quest to conquer the C&O Canal Trail!! We are running to Hancock Maryland and going to ride about 16 miles. The WooFDriver Pit Crew today is Jim, Chris, and Steven. Steven is our latest Pit Crew Team mate. He is a heavy equipment operator and dog lover!! The weather is chilly in the mid 40s. We left out at about 10:00 AM and were at the Trail Head around high noon. Today also we have the Super Quad Low Rider back in service.

The Trail head for this trail was located through this small tunnel which (built long ago) the Big RigTruck wasn’t going to fit through with our Low Rider Trike on top. We therefore had to unload before the tunnel on the side of the road. When we started this trail there was a steep hill to climb so we got Chris to give us a push up it and we were finally off!! Jim was riding shot gun with me today. The scenery was absolutely beautiful. We got to a stretch of this trail where we nestled between what is called “Big Pool” and the Potomac River. Big Pool from what I understand was man made when the C&O canal was being constructed in the early 1800s!!It is pretty massive and is about a mile long!! It was like being in the deep wilderness riding this stretch there was nobody anywhere around but us.

Cover2DSCF3731The dogs were in super high speed mode. We covered a lot of ground pretty quickly. They were well rested for this run,  also with the cooler temperatures and using the Super Quad today which is very light weight they were trucking!! We met up with Chris and Steven around half way and they were surprised how quick we made it there. I did notice on one of our water breaks that the rear wheels of The Super Quad which we just repaired were looking a little wobbly?? Uh OH!! Jim said he didn’t notice it so we proceeded with some caution!! Well when we met Chris he confirmed my observation and we determined we would need to switch bikes to keep the extra pressure off the Super Quad and hopefully it would hang in there until we got to our destination.

Well it went well and everyone The Super Quad hung in there and made it but it was pretty banged up. Chris and Jim determined it was the spokes of one of the new wheels that were loose and it caused the mishap. It was not the new axle!! The spokes were probably loosened in shipping. We now have talked to our bike production crew and they have found us heavier duty rims and larger rims and tires to help handle some of the conditions we ride through!! It was a Great day and everyone had a blast as usual (especially Chris & Steven because they didn’t have to walk a broken down bike) LOL!! We did about 16 miles in 2.5 hours!! Way to go WooFPAK!! Dinner tonight was at Texas Roadhouse.
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