C&O Canal Harpers Ferry West Virginia 10.23.2012

HF2012Cover2This is our 2nd Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Today we are headed out to The C&O Canal Towpath to start at Lander which is at The Catoctin Creek Aqueduct. On this run today we will travel by historic Harpers Ferry!! On board The WooFDriver Pit Crew is Jim, Chris, and Shawn. Today we have gotten a decent start rolling out at about 10:15 or so. This trail is just about an hour and fifteen minutes so we made it to the trail head around 11:30 and we were trail borne by high noon. Another rather warm Fall day on tap with temperatures approaching the mid 70s. Our vehicles today include the Low Rider Trike and The HPC Electric Mountain Bike as a chase vehicle. The Super Quad Low Rider is still down for axle repair. Shawn and I were riding the WooFPAK as Jim and Chris would go ahead to our destination and then Chris would work his way back to us along the trail.

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This adventure started off with a bang!! As we were getting ready to start our run we were near the railroad tracks and a passenger train came rolling by. Very exciting, my only concern was that the dogs were not scared. I quickly comforted them as we were a safe distance away and they were hooked up to the Trike but I knew they would need a little comforting. They all did really well, Princess showed the most concern so I directed more of my attention towards her. From there we rolled onto the trail. Riding was great, we took in more awesome sights and sounds full of Fall Colors and sunshine. Chris met us around half way of this 13 mile journey. Chris on his way to meet us, had found a little secluded beach type area that we could pull into and let the dog’s off the Trike and into The Potomac River for a cool down. This spot ranks up there with the top spots I have been to. It was incredible. Situated at the bottom of a gentle rolling hill, the beach like river entry faced a mountain full of trees almost at their peak of leaf color change. The sun gleamed off the water and created a Summer feel with Autumn scenes. WOW!! It doesn’t get much better than watching the dogs splashing in the water at the heart of this fantasy like area!!

HF2012CoverFrom the cool down we got back on the trail and were headed towards our destination. The trail was fairly narrow along this stretch of land nestled tightly between the Potomac and the C&O Canal. At this point Chris was riding with me and The WooFPAK as Shawn was testing his balance as he filmed us. He was actually driving the bike and holding the video camera as he filmed. I must say he did a great job!! The crazy thing was that when I looked in my rear view mirror I noticed a car driving behind us on the trail?? I mentioned to Chris we need to pull over to let this car pass us. Chris didn’t quite believe me. I quickly pulled over and he saw I was serious. Barely had I pulled over and this car was squeezing by us. We had secured the dogs so they were safe, but I was very surprised. This was a government license plate vehicle but I didn’t notice any Park Ranger markings on it? Strange, but we were all safe. This was actually on the outskirts of Harpers Ferry so it was a fairly crowded part of the trail. This was also the most scenic part of the trail. There was a lot of the old canal infrastructure and beautiful mountainous views. The people along the trail were very friendly and very much interested in what were doing. All good stuff. We met Jim who was walking the trail while waiting for us about a mile from our destination.

What an incredible day. Dogs had a great run and we all enjoyed it thoroughly. We had a wonderful dinner at a restaurant Chris had told me about called The Bavarian Inn. Authentic German food and lodging as well. It was a beautiful resort style area located on a small mountain in Shepherdstown West Virginia overlooking the Potomac River. I have included a link to their website here : The Bavarian INN

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