C&O Canal Little Orleans Maryland 11.20.2012

CoverDSCF3842This is our 5th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Another run on the C&O Canal this time starting at Hancock and ending in Little Orleans Maryland about 17 miles or so. The WooFDriver Pit Crew today is Jim, Chris, and Steven. We will be riding the Low Rider Trike and our chase vehicle will be the old Big Rig Quad Bike!! temperature today is in the mid 40s. Jim will be riding shot gun with me and The WooFPAK!! We left around 9:30 today and where trail born around 11:45. The trail head was in Hancock where it is also a boat launch. There was a tight little bridge we had to cross to get into the lot. The Big Truck (WooFDriver’s 747) was just inside the the bridge.

Cover2DSCF3952This was a great run the dogs were rolling and the sights were beautiful as usual. We were able to find a beach like area to let the dogs get a little dip in the water break. They are so funny as they love to explore and check it all out. They bounce around for about 5 to 10 minutes and are ready to roll again back on the trail. Again this was a pretty desolate part of the trail so very easy riding. There were so few signs of human involvement such as homes or roads but on the other side of the Potomac River you would every so often see an area where maybe hunters or campers use. There were also occasional farms on the other side.we did also get an occasional glance of a home way up in the mountains along this trail.  The Potomac River separates Virginia and Maryland!!

Steven met us about 13 miles or so into our journey. He came by himself because Chris was checking out the access conditions for next weeks Tour run as they seemed to be a little challenging!! Stay tuned for this one!! Steven said The Big Rig he was driving was running good. We got to Little Orleans around 4:30. The Little Orleans lot was really beautiful as it was a boat launch also and had a really nice view and access to the Potomac River. Tonight dinner was at The Lone Star Steak House!!

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