C&O Canal Towpath Paw Paw West Virginia 10.17.2012

CO2012CoverThis is our 17th Stop on The WooFDriver Tour and our 1st Stop of The 2012 – 2013 Touring Season!! We are going to revisit a Tour Destination from last year of The C&O Canal Trail System. We are going to do the same route we did last time as well but reverse the direction. We got a late start today as usual!! This was to be expected more so today because it is our first Tour of the season and we humans were all a little rusty. We had to refresh ourselves of our equipment needs and also Shawn is going to run a few Tour Dates with us and he is not as well versed as Dave who usually goes with us. The WooFDriver Pit Crew today includes: Jim, Chris, & Shawn. Today also we are without The Super Quad Low Rider because the axle has broken on us again for the second time. We have sent it back for a new design, so in the intern we will use The Low Rider Trike to run the dogs on and also use The HPC Electric Mountain Bike as a chase vehicle. We arrived at our trail head destination at Paw Paw West Virginia at around 2:00 and we were trail borne by 2:30. Shawn was riding with me and The WooFPAK as Chris and Jim would go around and park at The Oldtown stop (our destination) located on the Maryland side.

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We started off avoiding The Paw Paw Tunnel because it is a challenging ride with the dogs because of its narrow size and open rail fence paralleling in the tunnel the C&O Canal. To take the dogs through the tunnel as we did on last years Tour we would need to split the dogs up and put 2 on the Low Rider and the other 2 on the Super Quad. This would keep 2 dogs on one side closest to the Tunnel wall and away from the open rail over the canal. This makes them feel safer and less apprehensive. Obviously we only have one dog capable vehicle today so we were not going in the tunnel. To see the cool video footage from last year go to : The WooFDriver Tour – C&O Canal Oldtown Maryland

C)Canal2012Cover2In any case we were off to run the trail. The dogs were raring to hit it!! Temperature was near 75 and definitely a little warm for them so we would manage their run to make sure they stay cool. They started off with a bang. Shawn was filming in the back seat. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and again the weather is magnificent. This is what its all about taking in the mother nature’s beauty and letting the dogs do the thing they love most – RUN!! As we were running we also got a lot of exciting views of the Potomac River and of course The Canal. We thought is was too late in the year for The Slider Turtles we saw all over The Canal last year, but we were wrong, they were there basking on the logs. We also got some cool views of The Crane Birds doing their fishing along the water. Shawn and I had some great conversations and interesting thoughts about the C&O Canal and its history. it is so fascinating to me how this canal was built and functioned back in the early 1800s. Amazing history and so incredible how the canal was built before the railroad at least in this area, that’s why it was built for shipping purposes. To  see how a lot of these locks and other structures built so long ago survived pretty well considering the age, is just unimaginable to me. At one point along the trail we were able to ride through one of the dried up locks, cool stuff. The C&O Canal Trail System actually goes from Washington DC to I believe, above Cumberland Maryland. I think it was supposed to actually go as far as Ohio hence the name C&O. We may try to ride as much of the trail as we can this year – stay tuned.

Well as we traveled down the trail we met Chris a little past halfway of this 15 mile journey. Again he was on the electric mountain bike. He followed us, occasionally he and Shawn switched places from the bike to the back seat of the dog trike along the way to get a different view and trade off taking pictures. The dogs ran so well and we did keep them cool. We actually traveled a few miles past the Oldtown stop to and looped back to Oldtown because the dogs were still charged and wanted to keep running. We passed an area that when they built this trail system they must have blasted through because it was very rocky. This provided some more amazing scenery.

We finished our 15 mile journey around 5:30 and we were all happy with how it went. Dogs were tired and satisfied, as us humans were hungry. We stopped for a hearty fun meal at our favorite spot relatively on the way home call “Fratelli’s”.

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