Fair Hill NRMA Cecil County Maryland 11.01.2012

FairHillCoverThis is our 3rd Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! We are headed to a different kind of trail setting today. This area is called Fair Hill which is  over 5500 Acres of a Natural Resources Management Area. This area was previously owned by William DuPont, Jr. who used this massive expanse of land for ridding his horses and fox chasing. The state of Maryland purchased it from his estate in 1975. It is located in Maryland and borders Pennsylvania as well as Delaware is less than a half a mile away!! There is all kinds of activities available in this park as well as sled dog races are held here in the winter!! There is also miles and miles of incredible trails. Today we got a decent start at around 10:00 am. The WooFDriver Pit Crew today is Jim, Chris, and Shawn. Fair Hill is about an hour and fifteen minutes from us. The vehicles today are The Low Rider Trike and HPC Electric Mountain Bike as a chase vehicle. We arrived around 11:30 but because of this huge park took some time to figure out where we wanted to run. Today is cool, temperatures in the low 50s. Great Fall running weather. Today also is our first ever “Live” Broadcast, we will be streaming this WooFDriver Tour live on the internet!! Shawn is instrumental in this field. He has designed and engineered this capability for us. After setting everything up we were trail borne at about 12:45.

Click Here For A Link To This Trail Area!!

FairHillCover2We started off on what was to be a quick 2 mile loop. That didn’t exactly go as planned. We got on the trail but as it traveled through some extremely remote areas the trail blended into the fields and we had a tough time distinguishing it. Again Shawn was very focused on the Live broadcast so his attention as navigator was limited. It was a gorgeous ride, more of an overcast day but the fields were green and the trees were popping with the fall colors. Well, as we meandered through this area I was amazed how well the Low Rider Trike rode the fields we were running on. Again we have an electric motor on board which really helped us through this terrain.  We finally found ourselves back on the trail but at an even more challenging point. This area was designed more for mountain biking and walking as it had step downs to navigate the hill. The Trike was going to be tested here some more!! We stayed to the side of these steps because it seemed the safest spot to to avoid the bottom of the Trike from rubbing along the elevation change!! We ended at the bottom of this hill where there was a ravine. It was very small but because of the angle we actually had to pick the Trike up just slightly to make the elevation change. The dogs most importantly did great!! We were than at our first check in point where we met Jim and Chris who said to us you guys went down there?? From that point we were than able to pick up a gravel lined very defined and clear trail!!

This trail started off through an old time covered bridge. This was so cool and the dogs felt secure as we crossed inside of it. The trail continued along the river through a very scenic but again somewhat challenging area. At this point Chris was following us on the bike. After the river area we came to what seemed like endless rolling open fields. But again this trail was gravel lined and very visible. We passed many bales of hay and some people loading up their horses. This is also a horse trail. This was a very hilly trail but the cold weather inspired the dogs, so they were rolling!! Along our way we also crossed some other bridges and interesting areas. We felt some rain drops but no major pour downs. This was another incredibly beautiful trail. One of my favorite areas beside the covered bridge was a place we pulled off to let the dogs into the river. It was so awesome with the fall colors and rolling water. All together we did about 13 miles. The electric on the bike Chris was riding stopped working so Chris got some exercise in!! Go Chris!! We made it back to the trucks around 5:00. The “Live” broadcast and run went real well,  and again most importantly the dogs had FUN!! We all thought the dogs would be tired because of the hilly terrain but they still had some candle to burn. I will have to up the mileage on the next run!!

We finished our day with a nice dinner at Cracker Barrel!!
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