C&O Canal OldTown (Outdoor Club) Maryland 11.29.2012

CoverDSC05536This is our 6th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Today we are continuing our C&O Canal Route. We are starting off where we finished on the last Tour at Little Orleans and will travel up about past the Outdoor Club Mile Marker to get additional mileage and circle back to the Outdoor Club mile marker and parking lot. We will travel in all about 15 miles. Today The WooFDriver Pit Crew includes Jim, Chris, Shawn, Steven, and Guy. Guy is new to the crew. He is a close friend of Shawn and also a videographer!! How convenient!! This will be Guy’s first time aboard The WooFDriver Express!! Welcome Guy!! The temperature today is in the cool 40s, Dogs are all charged up with the cold and ready to roll. Today also is a first as I will be riding the Tour solo in the new Hot Rod Track Quad!! We got to the trail head a little before noon and after setting up all of our “Live” webcasting equipment we got trail born around 1:15.

This part of the trail is more remote than most of the other parts because the access point at Outdoor Club Road is tough to get to. it is all dirt road travel with a few steep hills. In fact I believe one of the signs says only 4 wheel drive vehicles are recommended to get to the parking lot. That steep road to the parking lot also is only one vehicle wide!! This means that if you encounter another car one will have to back up!! All good though for our crew because Chris had already scoped this out and we were prepared. Thanks Chris!! In any case we were pretty much owned this trail without another soul in sight.

Cover2DSC05540The dogs were rolling. I usually am riding them on the other ADVs (All Dog Vehicles) which are 2 person so I usually have a copilot on board and of course this means extra weight. Again we have electric motors and pedals on these vehicles which we need to help the dogs especially on the 2 person rigs. Today with just me on board the dogs were running at turbo speeds!! I mean they were flying!! We of course were all having a ball. Shawn and Guy were riding with us on The Super Quad ADV which again is one of my other dog vehicles but today is outfitted for filming and webcasting. We saw the usual beauty of The C&O Canal Tow Path with lots of views of The Potomac River and lots of rock and cliff formations with the mountains peaking out in the distance. One part of the trail was a very open area lots of baron land and it was heading uphill as there where like 3 or 4 Canal lockes in about a two mile area. Again this was probably because of the upward flow. Our webcast went pretty well as we had surprisingly decent cell reception for to broadcast. It was definitely spotty but considering the remoteness of the trail very acceptable.

Jim and Chris met us about 10 miles into our journey. They rode the Low Rider tandem ADV without the dogs of course as a support vehicle in case we had any issues. We got to the parking lot at Outdoor club road around 4:15 or so as darkness was approaching. The trail leading to the parking lot was really in poor condition. Many ditches and trail dips. Jim and Chris had figured and actually moved some rocks so I could transverse this with the dogs. That really helped out but still I could only get as close as about 100 yards or so from the truck. i had to walk the dogs from there to the truck. We did see a hardcore mountain biker who was parked in the Outdoor Club parking lot. He was like what “what in the world is going on here”?? That’s what everyone says when they see our wild set up!! This was another great touring day and everyone really enjoyed it including the newest Pit Crew team members Guy and Steven. Tonight dinner is at Cracker Barrel!!

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