The Great Allegheny Passage, Confluence PA Maryland 12.19.2012

CoverDSC05670This is our 11th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! We are headed to The Great Allegheny Passage Trail and going to do a section of 19 miles starting in Confluence Pennsylvania. On This trip The WooFDriver Pit Crew will be: Jim, Chris, and Guy. Guy is actually on vacation in Deep Creek Maryland but has offered to this Tour date if we come to a trail near him. This Trail was about an hour from him. thanks Guy and to his wife Sara for giving up some of your guys time for The WooFDriver Tour!! This trail was a good 3 hours from our home base in Maryland so we left early around 8:15 and met Guy at the Trail head around 11:30. We as usual attract some attention as we set up to run today we attracted the attention of an older gentleman named Doug. Doug was so interesting because he was from the area of Confluence and was sharing some of its history and stories of his dogs and adventures. He was very interested in our equipment, the Dogs, and how we were going to run the trail. He was loving it. We informed him how we were going to stream this run live on the internet and sure enough he tuned in!! Thanks Doug, it was wonderful chatting with you!! We were trail born at around 12:15. The temperature was in the cold upper 30s.
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It was a little complicated to get on the trail. we actually had to travel some roadways on the bike but again that’s why I have a whole crew with me to insure all of our safety!! this trail was beautiful with great views of the surrounding mountains and a very active rapid flowing Casselman River. There were lots of White Caps (rapids). We crossed a lot of bridges and came to a closed tunnel that was off limits because it is a sanctuary for a very rare breed of bats. There was a detour to avoid the tunnel we had to take. This part of the trail felt like we were deep in a rainforest. it was full of Rhododendron trees which is an evergreen bush type tree that grows in this part of the world. the greenery and abundance of these trees made me feel like a rainforest area. We were also very close to the river here. This area was also near where major construction was taking place to build what looked like a highway that would pass through the mountains. It wasn’t on the trail but there were blasting signs around us to warn about possible loud sounds. We were still obviously a safe distance from the blasting and sounds. This trail took us a while to run because we were heading uphill on this run. I did a lot of pedaling and electric motor running to assist the dogs. They got their run in today!! We did about 19 miles plus to Rockwood Pennsylvania. It was just getting dark as we  got back and we were cold. It was so cool because at the parking lot the park ranger I am assuming had a smoldering fire going that we could stand around to get a little warm up in. The forecast called for blizzard conditions the next day!! We dropped Guy off at his truck and Jim, Chris and I got dinner at Fratelli’s!!

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