The Mount Vernon Trail Washington DC 12.03.2012

1DCTourCoverDayThis is our 7th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! This is going to be a Wild One to say the least!! We our headed to our nation’s capital, Washington DC!! This is a 2 part Tour we are doing The Mount Vernon Trail this afternoon and we are doing The National Mall in the heart of Washington DC tonight!! We our leaving around noon today to miss rush hour which is really crowded on the Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia beltway system. This will also put us in DC later in the day to do our evening run later to avoid pedestrian traffic. Todays Pit Crew is Jim, Chris, Shawn, Guy, & Steven. We will be taking 3 trucks and 3 ADVs (All Dog Vehicles). We got to our Trail head at the Mount Vernon trail system around 1:45. We had to actually travel right through The Regan National Airport to get to the trail. It was tough three cars following each other but we did pretty good. Shawn is the coordinator on the Tour because of his many years he worked and lived in the Washington DC area.

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When we got to our parking lot to set up for a run it was so cool. Since The Regan National Airport is so close (literally right in the back yard) Jumbo Jets were taking off and landing right above us. It took us about 45 minutes to set up the Super Quad ADV for filming and webcasting this Tour. We also set up The Hot rod track Quad I am using to run the dogs and finally the Low Rider trike was going with us to be piloted by Jim and Steven as a support vehicle. Chris was staying back with the trucks. We were Trail Born around 2:30.

DayCover2DSC05566As we started off of course we noticed tons of joggers, bicycle riders, and pedestrians. The temperature was near 70 degrees on this December day so everyone was out enjoying it. It is definitely not optimal for the WooFPAK(dogs) but that was ok because their energy will be a little toned down and speed will be a little lighter. The first mile I actually changed positions of the dogs from one side to the other. Chase and Jag are a little more concerned with traffic coming up behind them so I moved them to the shoulder side (my right side) people would pass me on the left so they wont be distracted by that because they are on the other side. Actually this paved trail is still on the narrow side so this is why I have an electric motor. I decided to run them on the grass and avoid all the trail traffic. I was able to ride the grass because of course there is more resistance with the grassy surface but i can pedal and use the electric motor on the hills. Again warmer temperatures so I wont let the dogs work too hard by pulling too much.

The trail was so incredible with airplanes rolling above us and beautiful historic sights of Washington DC especially The Washington Monument was awesome. We did get to some areas where we had to turn around because the trail dead ended or there was a tunnel which was to narrow for us to go through. I have taught the dogs a back up command and they perform it very well. I was very surprised to see some of the trees still with their leafs. It has been a pretty mild winter so we were enjoying some of these bright colored tress especially some cool Weeping trees along The Potomac River!!

This first leg of out Tour today went extremely well. We did about 6 miles of The Mount Vernon Trail and were back at the trucks around 4:30. We than after much conversation formulated an evening plan to Tour The Washington DC National Mall!! You can read all about that in the next segment!!

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