The National Mall Washington DC 12.03.2012

Cover1CIMG8884This is our 8th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! We are continuing our Tour of Washington DC, this is our second Tour in one day. This is an evening Tour to avoid crowded conditions. Continuing from where we left off on the last write up we decided it would be quicker for Shawn, Guy, and Steven to ride the ADVs (All Dog Vehicles) Bikes and Trikes across the bridge (where it is permitted). Obviously they would not do this with the dogs for safety issues. Jim, Chris, and Me would take my truck and we would meet in an area where Shawn said would not be crowded. By the time we all got there and met up it was dusk and just getting dark!! It was beautiful looking across the Potomac River and seeing the city lights with the jumbo jets flying into The Regan National Airport very close by.

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As we were getting the gear ready our blinky lights on all the ADVs attracted some attention from the National Park Police. An extremely nice officer came by to see what we were doing. After all we are quite the spectacle with our unusual bikes and camera equipment and BIG Truck!! We had obviously researched this before and understood it was legal to run the dogs as we were attempting to do. He wasn’t concerned about the Dog Mushing (FurWheeling) part, he was concerned about our filming purposes. Commercial filming is not allowed anywhere along The National Mall without permits. Obviously we explained this was for YouTube purposes and we weren’t part of any commercial filming crew. He doubted this at first as we looked too professional he said. That was a great compliment we are all professionals but we are doing this for recreational and hobby purposes as well as to share with others. Shawn had said to him we are hobbyists and enjoy this probably as you maybe go out shooting because you probably like that. Nice job Shawn!! I at first, thought that sounded a little brazen there, but Shawn meant know disrespect!! He just speaks his mind and is passionate about what we do with the dogs and what he does to phacilitate it. He was trying to touch upon a subject that the officer was passionate about!! Well the officer took it well and said when he shoots he goes to the range. It was all good. He said carry on and we were off to Tour The Washington DC Mall full of Historic Monuments and incredible history. I have fond memories coming there as a youngster also!! By the way Chris and Steven stayed behind and went to pick up the 2 trucks we left at the other parking lot from earlier in the day. So it was Shawn & Guy on the Super Quad filming and webcasting, me (WooFDriver) on the Hot Rod Track Quad with The WooFPAK, and Jim riding solo on the Low Rider Trike following behind us. Again we needed a big crew to manage unforeseen situations that may arise on this unchartered Dog running area!!

Cover2CIMG8863We were off and the first place we wound up was Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial we understood bikes and dogs are not permitted in the memorial. So our WooFDriver Tour coordinator Shawn rerouted us down to one of the Reflection Pools where The National Mall Trail continued!! We were riding in the dark along the pool it was surreal!! I had to obviously use extreme caution to keep the dogs centered and off the edge. They were running great. We ran into a few low hanging thick tree branches. Kind of strange these were 36 inches or so off the ground!! We had to go very slow to navigate around them. We came upon The Martin Luther King JR. Memorial so cool!! We than continued on and came up to street level as the trail parallels the street in some areas. We were on our way now to the main part of The National Mall and the most incredible Reflection Pool!! We traveled past The World War Two National Memorial with the beautiful water fountains all lit up and rolling. We than entered a quick loop around an off shoot around part of The Pool and got back on the main part of the trail towards the Lincoln Memorial!! This part was at least three car lanes wide for bikers and joggers and The WooFDriver!! It was super lit up and loaded with people exercising and enjoying the evening. This was actually very easy for us to navigate even though it was so crowded because of its wide area. People could easily pass me and I could pass them as necessary. This was so cool again like a big party with everybody happy and rolling. We made it to the Lincoln Memorial how awesome again, and I stopped as there was a huge group of joggers rolling past me. I yielded to them then made a left onto the very Main part of The National Mall and Main Reflection Pool!! This is the place that we all recognize as it is in so many photos and books worldwide!! We preceded down the trail along The Reflection Pool and got to a construction point that closed it off. We had to detour. We actually had to lift the bike up 3 steps. It was pretty easy since I had so many Pit Crew members on board. It was gentle enough we could leave the dogs attached as we lifted it slightly up, the dogs were able to climb the steps!! Versatility, dog confidence, and trust are so important on these runs!!

We got back on the National Mall Trail and continued to The Washington Monument, WOW!! Again these structures are so beautiful, and at night are lit up to look so much more incredible. We made it past the Washington Monument and were now working our way to The US Capitol on Capitol Hill!! This part of the trail got super wide maybe 4 car lanes would fit there. The trail also got a gravel sand type surface which the dogs fell in love with. It was not crowded at all and the dogs turned on the Turbo!! They were rolling especially when they noticed a couple of other city slicker hounds!! This area did cross a few streets that were kind of busy. We waited on the corners to get the “WALK” light and crossed them safely but still overly alert. When we got to one of these traffic lights we noticed a car riding behind us on the wide park trail? We didn’t know what was up until we realized it was The National Park Police again!! Surprise Surprise!! The officer got out and asked what we were up to? How familiar!! We explained to him all about The WooFDriver Tour, he was good with that again with just an emphasis on commercial filming. He gave us the green light to carry on!! I wouldn’t be surprised if there was an APB along The National Mall about The WooFDriver!! Seriously these officers do a great job and make this area so safe so everyone including me and The WooFPAK can enjoy it!! Kudos to the National Park Police and Thank You!! So again we were off and made it to as close as we could get to The US Capitol. So exciting again, I had to pinch myself if I was really here and realize I wasn’t dreaming. I am with my dogs Mushing at one of the most historic, beautiful, and famous places in The USA on a 60 degree plus night!! WOW again!! It was now time to head back to the trucks where Chris and Steven were patiently waiting. A great ride back for us also passing some of the sights again. I did spot an OWL flying back and forth through one of the clusters of trees. On the last quarter mile or so the Super Quad that Shawn and Guy were riding and filming from, lost a gear so Guy had to push Shawn on it. Guy got a little workout in!! Thanks Guy!! This was probably the most incredible WooFDriver Tour we have done. In total this evening we did about 6 miles!! Thanks to my Pit Crew for making this possible!! This calls for a good dinner. We ate at Shawn and Guys recommended Hard Times Cafe in Collage Park!, Maryland. Known for their grilled Chicken wings and Famous Chillies!! It was a great ending to a most memorable day on the WooFDriver Tour!!

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