Assateague Island Ocean City Maryland 1.14.2013

2XCover1This is our 14th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Another WILD RIDE in store for today!! We are going to MUSH the beach!! I personally have never seen this done before but with careful planning and consideration I have decided to explore this incredible idea. On board to help facillitate this dream is The WooFDriver Pit Crew: Jim, Chris, Shawn, and Guy. It is a gloomy rainy but warmer day on tap in the mid 50s. The rain and beach breeze will help keep The WooFPAK cool!! I will be Mushing on The Hot Rod Track Quad which is designed and built to run on sand. The Pit Crew will be following me in one of The Dog Trucks I call the WooFLiner. On this stretch of beach we are allowed to purchase a permit and drive the truck on the beach!! WOW!! This would be essential to assure our safety and capture this incredible time with film and photos!! After getting our permit and setting up we were beech borne at around 12:30.

Click Here For A Link To Information About Assateague Island!!

Two thirds of Assateague Island is located in Maryland and the last part in in Virginia. On the Maryland side Dogs are allowed while the Virginia side they are strictly prohibited. We planned an area of a 10 mile run close to the Virginia line to run and then double back to have a 20 mile journey. Obviously if we encountered any obstacles that we couldn’t handle we could just load the Dogs and Cart into the truck and call it a day. What is so cool about this Island is that it is uninhabited by Humans and just like nature created it with just a few structures for Park Ranger stations and maintenance. There are Wild Horses that roam here free on the island also!! How cool and beautiful is that!! We actually got to see some of these Beauties that where just roaming near the Ranger Station!!

When we started out Mushing the beach I was following the Pit Crew who was rolling ahead of me in the truck. The first part of the beach was really soft sand and hard to negotiate because the Dog Bike kept sinking in. We did keep moving for the most part but there was a few times I had to get out and help Mush the cart with a Push!! We then proceeded to ride close to the water’s edge where the sand is packed and a better surface to roll on. I knew the surface would feel great on the dogs to run on because of the softness and texture of it. They seemed to definitely enjoy that. They were apprehensive about running anywhere the water may touch their paws so we stayed out of range of that. There was still plenty of packed sand area to run on. This was so incredible beyond my wildest dreams. We were on this beautiful shoreline with the ocean rolling in and out as I was sharing the time with The WooFPAK!! I had to pinch myself to make sure this wasn’t just a dream. The running was great and the dogs were doing their stuff like it was another FUN day of FurWheeling (Mushing On Wheels)!!

2XCover3When we entered the beach it was recommended to let air out of the truck tires to make driving in the sand easier as it will help spread the weight of the vehicle more and not sink as much in the sand. Well we did that for the Dog Bike as well and I think we may have let a little to much out of those tires. One of the Bike tires (because we let some of the air out) the stem bent and created a small leak. No problem the Pit Crew was on the scene. We did have a spare tire for the bike but we realized we left it back at the other truck. No biggie the WooFPAK and I had a little siesta watching the waves and chilling on the beech as The Pit Crew went back to get the spare tire. We were back up and running in about 30 minutes!! We continued our journey on the beach as it was starting to get dark we decided to turn around a little early so we were about 9 miles into the run instead of the planned 10 mile turn around point. Because of the rainy weather and dusk time the beach was virtually empty. At this point we were able to let the dogs roam a little bit. This was so exciting for them. They were dancing with the water coming into the beach and smelling the sand as they explored the beach. FUN stuff for all of us!! We turned around at this point hooked the Pups back up and headed back to our starting point.

The sun was setting and peaking through at us for some spectacular views. As the sunset darkness was filling the sky and before we knew it I was Mushing by the headlights of WooFDriver Pit Crew truck behind me!! Yikes!! This was all good, conditions were still very manageable and quite incredible. As we rolled on I did run into some power issues on the dog bike. Again this bike is battery powered to lessen the load on the dogs and assist them when needed. Well we were using more battery power because as we ran in the dark we stayed further away from the waters edge to help the dogs feel more comfortable. Well this meant the sand wasn’t as well packed and was therefore harder to run on. In other words it created more resistance but that’s why I have the battery power for situations like this. The bike ran great and the dog’s were loving it but my battery power started to get low. The batteries go into a protection mode to avoid them from being totally drained which is not good for them. We therefore had to keep stopping to reset them and try to get some extra mileage from them. I didn’t want the ride to end so we kept this resetting of the batteries going until they had no more resets in them!! We do have spare batteries but unfortunately we left them back at the other truck:( So after about 16 miles total we had to pack it in and load the Pups and bike back up and finish the balance 2 miles or so in the truck. What a  Day!! You have to check out this video and ride shotgun with me.

We were back at the starting point and picked up our other truck around 7:30!! Because this is an off time of year in Ocean City there aren’t many places open(they close for the off season). It was therefore difficult to find a place to have our traditional nice relaxing dinner. After some research we found a restaurant called Nick’s Original House Of Ribs!! Ribs are a WooFDriver and Pit Crew favorite!! It was a decent dinner and we got home around 12:30 AM!! I will never forget this day:)

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