C&O Canal Georgetown Washington DC 1.09.2013

Cover1This is our 13th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Today we are conquering The C&O Canal Tow Path!! This is the last section we need to do to complete the entire Trail (section by section) except for one stretch that is closed. We waited to run this section for WooFDriver Pit Crew teammate Shawn. Shawn is our Washington DC and technical coordinator. So we are now ready!! The WooFDriver Pit Crew today is: Jim, Chris, Shawn, and Guy. We debated leaving today at 4:30 AM to avoid the heavy Washington DC traffic. After thinking it over Chris found us a back route we felt would avoid the bulk of the traffic. He was right so, we left Baltimore at around 8:15 AM and were in Georgetown DC at 10:00. We were trail born at around 10:45 AM. we are going to travel 22 miles plus today as the weather is cloudy and in the mid 40s.

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Because of the logistics with safety and access we actually did the first few miles of this trip on The Capitol Crescent Trail. This trail on the section we were on parallels the C&O so about 3 miles into it we were able to safely access and do the rest of our Tour on The C&O. Where we started this trail in Georgetown we were at the River Front where the trail was actually kind of part of the brick walkway in front of the stores and restaurants. It was still early for retail traffic so there wasn’t much foot traffic. There was some construction area we had to navigate through but the people working were very nice and gave us a path through the area! This was a cool area as we got nice views across the river to Rosslyn Virginia and the lower side of Georgetown. I am very fond of this area because I used to live here way back in the day. As we progressed the trail became more of a secluded trail through the woods and along the Canal. This part of the Canal was similar to the other parts we have traveled. We did some cool mechanical hardware that we were trying to date on the Lockes. it seemed pretty sophisticated to have been built when the Canal was built in the early 1800s. There were a lot of bicyclists and people walking today. Everybody was very friendly and interested in what we were doing. We were able to strike up some interesting conversations especially when we had a little extra time on our water breaks.

CoverDSCF4656The most picturesque part of this whole trail was part of todays run when we got to Great Falls Maryland. This was phenomenal!! There were huge boulders all along the sides of the trail and in the Potomac River. At some parts you had the rock walls of the still Canal with the contrast of the rolling Potomac River crashing into rock formations all along its path. There were some serious overlooks that had views of the river where it created some spectacular waterfalls!! Shawn and Guy actually climbed on some of the rocks (Shawn is an experienced hiker) to capture some great photos and videos. Please watch this Tour video for these views!! The Dogs and i got some of these views as the trail rode along but for most of the waterfall views you needed to climb some or there was a bridge only open to pedestrian traffic and no dogs unfortunately. I am not complaining at all the views and memories I have were incredible!! We ran into a little technical issue with my bike (The Hot Rod Track Quad). My battery controller stopped working so I had no electric assistance. That was just fine that’s why I have pedals!! Again I use the electric and pedals to assist the Dogs. On most of the trails we run it’s not used a lot because of the level ride it is a really easy pull for them. In addition this Hot Rod Track Quad was designed for the Dogs and is fabricated out of Aluminum for light weight.

As we made our journey we also noticed the gorgeous houses that were on the mountains and hillsides around us. Some of them from our vantage point looked like feats of art how they were built and situated. We arrived at our destination which was Violettes Locke where Jim and Chris were there to greet us. it was just getting dark as we took our time on this Tour and used all the daylight time we could to enjoy this fantastic scenery!! Tonight dinner was at a fine restaurant called Old Angler’s Inn that was located in Potomac Maryland. We were certainly a little too casual for this restaurant but they put us in a room of our own and we enjoyed this delicious meal!!

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