Enter the WooFMobile

So you might be wondering, after yesterday’s live feed from the C&O Canal run and blog post, what exactly the new WooFMobile is.

Woofmobile, four wheeling
Still needs some tinkering, but we expect great things!

After 15 months, from concept to finished product, the WooFMobile finally made its debut as we tested it out on an 11.5 mile stretch of the C&O Canal bike trail. The WoofDriver conceived this new ADV (All Dog Vehicle) as a way for the WOOFPAK to move over more difficult terrain longer and more efficiently.

The WooFMobile was a custom design job by Utah Trikes, a company that builds and designs specialty recumbent (laying down, why wouldn’t you combine exercise with laying down?) trikes. Ultra Trikes helped the WoofDriver create a recumbent bike of sorts that allows the dogs to pull when they can, and uses a 9,000-watt motor with high RPMs to help them when they can’t. A traditional sled or bike is great when the terrain is ideal – like a nice clear bike path or road – but not so ideal when that same bike path is covered with layers of snow, ice, mud, or even when that path is made out of sand.

But the electric motor isn’t the only feature that makes the WooFMobile so unique, Utah Trikes also gave it 4-wheel drive/steering, full suspension, and custom hubs on the wheels that utilize all 64 spokes. In layman’s terms, the new WooFMobile is pretty darn cool.

Better yet, the WOOFPAK has taken to it without hesitation. The four dogs are hooked up to adjustable springer attachments, and can either pull or run alongside the new ride with ease.

“I’ve thought about attaching them to every kind of vehicle that utilizes electric or peddle power,” says the WooFDriver about his desire to create the new WooFMobile, so creating something custom only made sense. “I just like being out in nature with my dogs.”

For those that share these sentiments, but can’t afford to buy or make something on such a large scale, the WooFDriver suggests running your furry friend with a springer attached to a regular or recumbent bike.

Remember, keep checking back to the live feed for continuous updates on what the WoofDriver and the WOOFPAK are up to, getting some of your frequently asked questions answered, and showing you how you can live a life in harmony with your dog and nature.