The C&O Canal — The WooFMobile’s Maiden Voyage!

The WooFDriver hit up the C&O Canal yesterday for the brand new WooFMobile’s maiden voyage – 11.5 miles along a gorgeous Maryland bike path starting at Dickerson Regional Park, going over the impressive Monocacy Aquaduct, and ending near Point of Rocks, MD.

C&O Canal, Monocacy Aquaduct
The Monocacy Aquaduct — can you see the train coming?

Check out our live feed from the C&O Canal run to see some of the gorgeous terrain the WOOFPAK maneuvered through yesterday, terrain the WooFMobile was specifically designed to overcome. With its 4-Wheel drive, this electric powered All Dog Vehicle (or ADV, another Bill-ism!) made the trip well, pointing out a few initial flaws that will be corrected – all around a great first go.

Chase, Jag, Princess, and Zarro took to the vehicle right away, pulling along steadily while enjoying the extra help from the WoofMobile’s 9000-watt motor on some of the rougher terrain and deeper snow.

Most noticeably, it looks like we’re going to need a new clutch, one that can take the heat better from all of the hill climbing and extra work. Looks like it’ll be up to Chris to change out a few of the parts to get the most out of the vehicle, especially since we’re really trying to get at least 15-20 miles out of the WooFMobile on sand, snow, mud, and any other terrain we wouldn’t normally be able to take the WOOFPAK on in a more traditional sled or even bicycle.

Remember to keep checking back with our brand-new blog, as we’ll be constantly updating with new information about what the WoofDriver and the WOOFPAK are up to, answering questions, and showing you how you can live a life in harmony with your dog and nature. After all, Bill Helman, the WoofDriver, is all about “Living Clean, Running Wild” – isn’t it time you gave yourself the chance to do the same? Welcome to the team!