Happy Spa Day!

Despite the best efforts of the winter ice storm we experienced yesterday, the groomer still managed to make it out to tend to the coat needs of the WooFPAK.

Yes, that’s right, it’s Spa Day for the WoofPAK!

Princess, perfume for dogs
Pretty Princess All Groomed Up!

Once a month the groomer comes out to perform some necessary maintenance on their coats and paws, and in the winter months this usually means trimming their dewclaws, getting rid of any embedded dirt or matted fur.

Dewclaws, for those of you that didn’t know (like myself until I asked the WooFDriver about it, so don’t feel too bad) are the cute-but-unnecessary claws (or toe-looking things – I know, we’re very technical up in here) that hovers a little further up the paw. The groomer rarely needs to trim the regular nails of the PAK, because they run so much and on such varied terrain that the friction helps keep them short. However, because the dewclaw never actually gets used for anything it needs to be trimmed to prevent harm when the dogs go to scratch.

The whole process will usually take about 2 hours per dog or more, so it will definitely be an all day affair! We’ll keep posting pictures as our lovely PAK members get pampered, and like the front cover of People magazine it might not always be their most flattering angle. All the more fun for us!

In the meantime, this may be a good time to answer some questions that some people have about the PAK’s coats.

Some people get upset when they see the dogs running around outside in colder temperatures, because they worry that the dogs will be harmed by the cold, especially when they play in the snow or water. The reality, however, is pretty interesting.

You see, all of the WoofPAK huskies are double coated; and like any of their Alaskan, Malamute, or Arctic cousins it’s their thick fur that allows them to retain their body heat, leading them to actually seek colder temperatures. We’ll often see this when, during even the absolute coldest days of the year, when given the choice between being inside a warm house or outside in the cold (and they are always given the choice), inevitably they would rather be outside. To us, it may feel cold, but to a husky it may be more desirable to dig a space in the snow to curl up and sleep in than to lay down in a nice warm bed.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that the WooFDriver doesn’t take precautions. Not only are The WooFPAK double coated but their coat is also long haired or typically called a wooly coat. The wooly coat on Huskies doesn’t occur that frequently in the wild probably because it can be problematic. Manily snow can bunch up in this long haired fur and weigh them down, among other posssibe problems. Snow matting up in the fur can be prevented by just monitoring and stopping when necessary.

Something that the WooFDriver has noticed seems to help is the addition of salmon oil nto their diet – (amongst other great health benefits) it appears to make the dirt come off easier in addition to their coats being shinier. This means that he never really has to hose them off (which he doesn’t suggest without proper drying) after a long day of playing in the mud, because it will usually just dry and brush right out! Now if only we could all maintain our hygiene so easily…

And that, dear friends, is all we have for today. What kind of grooming routine do your pets go through, and how often? Please post any bath time photos you may have of your dogs – it’s just like the ones you have of your kids, except you can show them to everyone in the sure knowledge that your dog will never grow up to get a Facebook account and be appalled and embarrassed. Everyone wins!

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