Have you seen our app, “Walk for a Dog” at WoofTrax.com?

Most of us walk our dogs for the benefits of exercise, bonding with our furry friend and providing proper stimulation. With the “Walk for a Dog” app you can now walk for your health and for the health and better life of a shelter dog.

walk for a dog, sheltersThis is why the WooFDriver co-founded WoofTrax and the app “Walk for a Dog”.

Simply download the app and to track the number of miles you walk with your dog. We then donate money to your local shelter for every mile you and your best friend walk.

And the results are already inspiring. Since October 2013 users have walked over 8,000 miles in support over 90 shelters and rescue organizations in 30 states.  And we are just getting started! In other words, things are looking pretty great when it comes to taking steps to providing every dog with a happier, healthier life.

Currently, the “Walk for a Dog” app is available on the iPhone, and the Android app will  be out very soon, featuring some cool new additions. For instance, for all of you dog lovers currently without a dog,  fret not, because the Android app and will allow joggers and recreational walkers to pick a virtual dog to walk with – Cassie, who represents shelters dogs everywhere. Coming to iPhone soon too!

And the app itself tracks your daily walks, runs, and biking adventures with your dog.  You can add as many dogs as you like, and it racks each dog separately. Pretty cool, right? We thought so too.

So what do you say? Want to be a part of making the life of a shelter dog better, while making the lives of your own best friends wonderful too, without giving a single penny of your own money? Then download the app by going to WoofTrax.com and get walkin’, because there are a lot of dogs out there that need our help.

Don’t just take your dog for a walk
Take your Walk for a Dog,  get the App at WoofTrax.com

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