Paw Protection for Dogs: Simpler and cheaper than you think

As temperatures drop more and more dog owners are starting to wonder if it might be time to look into some sort of paw protection for dogs to prevent frostbite on their pup’s tender pads.

mushers secret, paw protection for dogs, winterWith as nasty as this winter has been, and with temperatures dropping below freezing way too frequently for comfort (watching a boiling pot of water thrown up in the air turn to snow only entertains for so long before hypothermia kind of cuts into the fun), some of you may be hesitating before taking your furry friends outside without at least thinking that you might need some sort of paw protection for dogs.

Now, I have a medium sized cocker spaniel myself, and I know that after 30-45 minutes she’s either licking her paws or needing me to warm them up and cut the walk short due to cold ground or snow clumping up. We’ll get to who I am at a later Meet the Team post, but for now, suffice to say, I get concerned about preventing frostbite on my pup’s paws, and so does the WooFDriver.

As you could see through our last post, the WoofPAK can run around for upwards of 2-3 hours before they’ve spent enough energy to be happy huskies, and often time their running through mud, snow, and even streams. Under those conditions, it’s absolutely necessary that their paws have some sort of protection against the elements; but what are the options?

Many of you may have seen the booties that are available (and the absolutely hilarious results of watching dogs discover footwear for the first time), but the only problem I have with those is that they are often a “one size fits all” sort of deal, meaning they usually fall off about 15 minutes or less into my walk – imagine a pack of huskies running through streams! While a good and appropriate option under a variety of circumstances, their are also other ways to protect your dog’s paws that can be considered as well.

So what’s another option? Well, it’s cheaper, not to mention way easier to put on than those booties, than you think. Introducing: Musher’s Secret.

As you can tell from the link, Musher’s Secret is a dense, breathable wax (so they can still sweat through their toes) that is non-toxic and made of a mix of food-grade waxes and all-natural products. This means that not only does it most of the day for even the most rambunctious huskies (see: Princess), but you don’t have to worry about them licking their paws or ingesting it in anyway. This is what the WooFDriver uses for his WoofPAK, and this is what he would recommend for any dog owner that’s looking to buy some paw protection for dogs – and at $15.65 for a 7 ounce pack that will last you quite a while, you’re not exactly breaking the bank.

Remember, occasionally we’ll review and discuss products and equipment that the WooFDriver himself uses for the care and betterment of his dogs and craft. So, please keep checking back and commenting with your questions and your own stories so we can work together to make the lives of our four-legged friends that much better. Check back on Wednesday as we answer any questions you may have regarding Musher’s Secret or paw protection for dogs, as well as discussing your own experiences.

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