Waiting for Spring

The WooFDriver is on the go again, taking the WooFPAK to either The Big Farm or The Mill today, weather depending/deciding.

It’s been pretty warm here recently, which means the snow is starting to turn into slush and becoming heavier therefore making it harder for the ATV to plow through (no pun intended)!! The ice melting will also make The Mill a bit more challenging with deeper puddles and mega-mud (oh so FUN for the WoofPAK)!!

Pack of huskies roaming through the snow
The WoofPAK Truckin’ Through the Deep Snow Covered Fields!

The weather changing means that the WooFDriver’s schedule of activities is going to have to be more flexible, but it’s also a sure sign that spring is around the corner and the WooFPAK (and everyone else) couldn’t be more excited (their activities change with the season also).

In other news, the Walk For a Dog App will be released shortly in Beta form for the Droid. It’s pretty much debugged, but we’re hoping for people to test it further to make sure everything is in tip top shape before it’s world debut!! The iPhone app is getting a lot of use (thanks to all of you) many of miles are being logged and with the addition of the Droid version even more people can walk to make the lives of shelter dogs everywhere happier and healthier.

That’s the update for today — be sure to keep checking back and liking us on Facebook, so you can stay up to date on everything the WooFDriver does!

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