Friday, June 6, 2014

Party Time

Today we ran the Mazing Chase Course. What I call the Mazing Chase is also formally referred to as Lure Coursing. Click Here for more info on the Mazing Chase. Princess & Zarro love this activity where Chase likes to play more because the other WOOFS like it. Jag could care less and he just likes to catch up on sleep while he’s there and sometimes troll around and jump his WooFPAK Buddies for a little FUN Rumble on the course!! It’s set-up on the course so each WOOF can totally do what they want. I do take them for a quick lap usually 3 to 5 times around a half of a mile grass track that is there. This gives the WOOFS that are over the top with chasing the flag a chance to rest their fire and the other WOOFS it guarantees them some exercise while we are there! Today was beautiful and a bit cooler for this time of year which gave the WooFPAK a bit more energy and kept them Chasing for a while. As you will see on the more info link we have cooling/misting fans, a shaded area for resting, large cooling tubs of water and also of course plenty of drinking water.

Zarro RollingHere’s our stats from yesterday:
Zarro – 11.02 Miles, Average Speed: 8.13 MPH
Princess – 8.78 Miles, Average Speed: 6.78 MPH
Chase – 4.87 Miles, Average Speed: 4.89 MPH
Jag – 2.72 Miles, Average Speed: 5.89 MPH

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