Monday – June 9, 2015

Chase Yoga 450PXToday we headed over to run the fields at the Big Farm. It was fairly humid as rain was in the air, and we did get blitzed with a pretty good downpour. I am usually prepared but today I left my rain gear at home. No worries I won’t  melt! In fact the cool rain felt good on me and I weather this storm (no pun intended) because it enables the WooFPAK to get more of a workout as it cools them off as well. There is something about riding and/or being outside in some adverse conditions. I have talked about this before in some of my writings including some of my songs (Click Here for Cold Air which is one of them) that appeals to my warrior spirit. Not letting weather hold us back really gives me more time I can spend with the WooFPAK while letting them explore their “Wilder” side in the RUFFer elements. Of course as in everything I do hence my term Live Clean, Run Wild; I would never venture out in potentially hazardous weather meaning windy or problematic situations. In any case the rain was short lived and the temperature after was quite pleasurable. I LIVE for this stuff!! Today I used both my normal GPS tracking collars for the WooFPAK to provide me with their exercise stats as well as my app that I have created called Walk for a Dog. It provided some interesting results to me. I drove the ATV about 5 miles but the WooFPAK just by meandering in and out the fields ran about 3.5 miles more than me. So as people often ask why do I use an ATV instead of just walking the WooFPAK this is one of the answers as they can get over a third more of the exercise in, therefore letting them burn their Fire down! Here’s yesterdays stats:

Princess & Jag
Princess & Jag

Chase – 9.37 Miles, 6.23 Avg.MPH

Princess – 8.60 Miles, 6.05 Avg.MPH

Zarro – 8.57 Miles, 6.65 Avg.MPH

Jag – 8.34 Miles, 6.22 Avg.MPH

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