SPA Day – Wednesday – June 11, 2014

Today is what I call SPA Day!! the WoofPAK has all of their grooming needs and relaxation on SPA days. We do them once a months where the Groomer comes to our Den and spends the day giving the WooFPAK all of her undivided attention one by one.

A "Purple" Princess
A “Purple” Princess

I know there are a lot of difference of opinion on shaving Huskies in the warmer weather and in my opinion I do not shave them. They will naturally “Blow” (shed) their undercoat for the warmer weather and the Groom will help facilitate this. Keeping their single coat will actually protect their skin and provide some cooling measures versus having them totally shaved. We do however on some members of the WooFPAK  will shave their belly areas to prevent from matting because they are long haired and especially Chase & Princess who love the water and are getting  wet constantly in the warmer weather are so prone to mats.  Please feel free to ask any questions here. Pictured to the right is Princess with a whitening shampoo that actually will turn white when it’s ready to be rinsed off. This shampoo is a common practice to keep the coasts white and sparkly! Click here for a more in-depth blog post about grooming.

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