Tuesday – June 10, 2014

The WooFPAK in a Down Position so I can keep an eye on them!
The WooFPAK in a Down Position so I can keep an eye on them!

Today was another Awesome Day. We FREE-Ranged the DEEP woods in a day similar to yesterday, very humid but this time we didn’t get caught in a downpour!! However as usual with all the wet conditions and swampy area of this place I did manage once again to get the ATV stuck. No worries the new winch performed flawlessly. This brings me to another training tip. The WooFPAK is off leash hence the term FREE-Ranging, so when I get in a situation such as being stuck and the machine disabled I need to be able to communicate to the WooFPAK certain commands to keep them safely out of my working area to free up the ATV but still keep them with me so they don’t meander off. My training method incorporates these commands and understanding  so again I can further explore to the WooFPAK”S and my content because I know they will respond appropriately to any situation we may experience. This is called Expect the UNExpected. You can find more info about this training concept here:  WOOF WAYS Expect The UNExpected


Here’s the Stats from today’s run:

Chase – 4.29 Miles, 5.53 Avg.MPH

Princess – 3.96 Miles, 5.18 Avg.MPH

Zarro – 3.90 Miles, 6.27 Avg.MPH

Jag – 3.79 Miles, 5.95 Avg.MPH


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