Rainy Days And FurWheeling

My Custom Sacco Cart With Canopy Extended

Don’t let Rainy Days get you down anymore!! I actually enjoy a ride on the FurWheeling Rigs in the rain!! If dressed appropriately and conditions are safe, I really think it can be adventurous!! I have learned to appreciate this because the WooFPAK likes to, and sometimes needs to, explore their WILDS even when it’s a bit challenging out there.

I almost always carry rain gear with me, as I have been caught a few times in an unsuspecting down pour. In the summer it’s not to bad, but when it happened in the colder temperatures, I said no more. I will always carry Rain Gear!!

Advantages of running in the rain include: minimal trail traffic, the rain helps cool the dogs, and the opportunity to witness the true beauty of the falling rain. The smells that are emitted from flowers, leafs, and the ground can be invigorating as well. You really can’t appreciate the rain any other way than being “submerged” in it:)

I have found in Life that when you absorb a sometime uncomfortable situation you can really appreciate the little things or basics in life a lot more. I know this is true, after a wet trail run as I am so loving our dry home!! I also like to teach the WOOFS to endure inclement weather, as this is important because I don’t want them to develop an attitude about going out in unfavorable conditions!!

The Rain Can Create Spectacular Views

There was one time I was really being adventurous and went out in the Dark of a Wet Night!! I was with 3 of my WOOFS (Hudson, Czar, and Princess). We were on my custom 3 Dog Sacco Cart (The Trailster) with the canopy extended. The canopy is great but, it’s not going to keep you totally dry, especially in a driving rain. It is still a very helpful feature and I was grateful to have it. WOW, we were riding in the pouring down rain, and having  such a phenomenal time. My iPod Speaker is weatherproof so I had tunes, as we were owning that trail!! Cranking the music and rolling with the WooFPAK, life doesn’t get much better.  This was so cool as we were depending on each other to keep going and make it to our destination. This weathering of the storm, also promotes incredible bonding and teaches teamwork. The WOOFS were loving this, as it felt like we were really one, trucking together in Mother Natures Whirlwind.

There are obviously some dangers to running in the rain or any inclement weather. Limbs from trees can fall,  as well as lightning and other hazards! This particular night, it wasn’t thunder storming, as I would never purposefully venture out in any obvious possible hazards especially windy conditions. I really try not to let any condition as long as we can safely manage it, hold us up from FurWheeling or Free-Ranging as the WooFPAK needs to roll. I like to keep our routine as consistent as possible, hence why I have have a multitude of ADVs (Dog Powered Vehicles). At the same time Safety is my first concern but my personal comfort falls way down that list!!

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