Adventures And Information About The NCR Trail

Carting on wheels in the snow.
A trail truly for all seasons.

The NCR (North Central Railroad) Trail is an old Rairoad trail that runs through Maryland and into Pennsylvania.

It is about 40 miles long. It is also very level on a good portion of the trail.

It is a frequent and favorite choice of mine to run my dogs on.

A lot of the trial parallels the Gunpowder River. Not only is it beautiful as your are rolling along, but in the warmer weather it’s great to let the dogs take a dip and cool off! It is also well shaded which helps keep it cooler.

The relatively level terrain also lends itself to good Winter Water Skiing (Canicross). Cross Country Skiing with your dog(s) tethered to you. I have done this on this trail and had a blast!! I have also taken out the Sacco cart my 3 Dog ADV, in the snow on the trail. Again the level terrain made it possible for the dogs to pull this wheeled vehicle in the snow!!

One time I ran into a scene where a bicycler was hurt, he had an injured ankle and couldn’t move!! The people helping him wanted me to have the dogs carry him in my cart back along the trail to the closest road for help!! I was obviously going to assist in any way I can, as I was preparing to figure out how I was going to accommodate him, the paramedics showed up on an ATV!! Not an ADV (All Dog Vehicle). They where obviously prepared and equipped to assist him!! It was than I understood how years before Sled Dogs were so pivotal in assisting humans for all kinds of medical, mail, and other transportation. How Awesome!! This also brings the story of The Sled Dog Balto to mind. Balto it is said, led his team to Nome, transporting A Serum (Medicine) to control the outbreak of a Diphtheria Epidemic. The Iditarod Race is actually in recognition of Balto’s Run!! You can read more about this on WooFTunes at:

Speaking about history it is also said that Abraham Lincoln traveled on the NCR (North Central Rail) which is now the trail that I ride on. He traveled on it I believe en route to give the Gettysburg Address!! You can learn more about the trail at: \

The NCR Trail is a fantastic place to participate in many FurWheeling activities, that I mention on this site. It is also a wonderful place to experience nature and its beauty.

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