C&O Canal The END Cumberland Maryland 12.11.2012

TankDSC05645This is our 10th Stop of The WooFDriver On Tour 2012 – 2013 Season!! Today we are conquering the Trail!!!! This is actually where the C&O Path ends. Originally back in the 1800s when the Canal was designed and built it was supposed to continue through to Pittsburgh, but because of money and competition (the railroad) it never made it that far and ended in Cumberland. For our journey and quest to run the entire trail we still have 2 sections to go after we run this one. Today is in the upper 40s with some sun peeking through. The WooFDriver Pit Crew today includes” Jim, Chris, Guy, and Steven. I will be Mushing the Dogs on the Hot Rod track Quad!! This part of the trail is a long drive from our home base so we got an earlier start at around 8:15. We were trail born around 11:30.

Click here For A Link To This Part Of The Trail!!

2CoverDSC05647This part of the C&O crossed a couple of roads as we got towards Cumberland and was not as secluded. The road crossings were a little narrow and took a little navigating to get our slightly wider footprint through with the dogs and bike. This is excellent training for the pups requiring patience and trust. We did encounter a lot of familiar C&O Path sights and sounds including farms, The Potomac River, and heavy wooded areas. We saw a train loaded with Military Tank Vehicles?? That was different. As we got to Cumberland towards dark the city lights were gleaming for a beautiful background. Where the trail ends we had to take the dogs off the Hot Rod Bike because the barriers where to narrow. I am always prepared so my leashes are built into my vest and I could easily hook the dogs to me. Also the WooFDriver Pit Crew provided additional assistance. This was another Great Touring Day!! Tonight Dinner was at one of our favorite restaurants Fratellis!!

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