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Chase & Zarro at one of our Veterinarian Visits
Chase & Zarro at one of our Veterinarian Visits

As you know we are very physical here in WooFLand! Of course with all of the physical engagement we do there is greater need to monitor the WooFPAK’S health conditions. I treat them monthly with a flea and tick preventative and also a heartworm preventative. Over the years of being so active I have learned (at least in my area) that ticks for sure and possibly fleas can be present a problem even in the winter months! I therefore treat them year round. With the recommendation from my veterinarian I am trying a new chewable flea/tick type preventative instead of the traditional liquid type applications. He has told me this chewable dose is actually more effective than the liquid application I was using for tick prevention and it is as effective for flea prevention. I tried our first dosage yesterday and will keep you informed of my experience.

We also had a Senior Wellness examination for Princess yesterday as she is 10.5 years old. She gets these examinations twice a year because she is considered a senior. On these examinations (think of it as a physical like humans get) they check her heart with an EKG and her Blood Pressure as well. Additionally once a year they will draw her blood to monitor her levels. Princess’s Wellness test looked great and my Veterinarian also commented on the EKG of her Heart as the readout displayed she has a very “Athletic Heart.” Obviously he knows our physical regiment and was letting me know about how her Heart has responded so well and is in top shape. Of course I am so glad to hear that and again that’s one of the reasons we do all this stuff! Yesterday was also time for Zarro’s yearly physical exam and shots. He is 4.5 years old. Thankfully he looks great also. This is the time they also check for parasites and worms as you know we are at a lot of farm areas and this is so important to monitor as well from what they can come in contact with!

Finally we also check their weight to see how it compares to their last visit and of course to determine how much of a dosage of the preventative and shots they will be administered. I too do this at home as I have a veterinarian grade scale because we do so many activities I like to monitor their weight more frequently.

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  1. Lori Sorrells
    August 29, 2020 at 4:58 pm

    Meds, Food, and Seizures…
    Which meds do you use for flea/tick and heart worm? Also, what do you feed your huskies? I’ve never seen your site before today. If you have dealt with this in a prior post, just let me know how to find it.

    My Siberian Husky Thor has had seizures since he was a pup, but they had gotten less frequent now that he’s 6 years old. I purposely stagger his preventatives and spread them out to 5 weeks; also, I stop them in winter. This month (August), he had some serious seizures, and I took him to a new vet, who recommended Purina Vet Neurocare food. I have big concerns about the ingredients, as they seem to be so opposite of what a husky needs, at least from my reading.

    I also think he may need zinc, as I’ve read that problems with zinc can cause seizures, as well as his dry coat and bouts of excessive licking.

    Do you have suggestions?

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