WildLife Encounters

I hear them hoot, but almost never see them!

On my adventures I do run into Wildlife. This can be exciting as long as you are cautious and prepared as possible. Mushers on sleds have to be especially concerned about running into Moose, they can stomp on the sled dogs. My part of the USA there are not any extremely dangerous predators.I have run into snakes, turtles (including a large nasty Snapping turtle), Raccoon, Fox, Rabbits, Squirrels. a very cool OWL, Blue Heron , numerous deer, all sorts of beautiful birds including, Hawks, Red Cardinals, Blue Birds, many and many incredible Finches.

I also encounter the occasional Runaway Dog!! This can be problematic because of my predicament. I am on one of My ADVs (All Dog Vehicles) and my dogs are tethered to it. This makes my dogs feel restrained and uneasy. They will act more intense and almost enraged because they want to meet, greet, and maybe confront the roaming dog. This behavior is also apparent when we pass or come near a leashed dog that is not well behaved!! Remember Dogs are very intuitive and can pickup on other nervous, threatening and other vibes.

Horses are beautiful but can be skittish around dogs.

In any case I try to carry a Citronella Like spray to thwart a potential confrontation with the stray dog. I have actually never had to use it. My voice has been enough of a deterrent for the dogs I have encountered. My Dogs are totally under control even when anxious with another dog, but if that dog charges them that is where a problem may arise. I also carry my phone always on the trail as well as what I call a lasso leash, which is a leash and collar in one so I could try to leash a problematic wild dog and look for its owner. That has occurred while I was walking my dogs. I ran into a stray dog, controlled the situation with my voice and leashed up the dog and called the owner from the dogs tag. It went real well!! By the way my dogs were what I call Free Ranging (off leash) but again well under my control!!

I have also ran into an occasional horse. The trail i usually frequent is for horses also. The funny thing is most horses at least the ones I’ve encountered are afraid of dogs. The biggest problem is passing the horse, they are usually very skittish with the dogs. Again that is why we need total control of our dogs even when leashed

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