A Conversation With Your Dog

A conversation with your dog is never a one sided conversation, these conversations have got men through the toughest of times and even saved lives.

No matter what breed of dog you have, each animal has a fairly high level of intelligence and the dogs seem to thrive on human intervention. Have you ever noticed that when you and your family or friends are sat having a conversation, and the dog is lying nearby that he seems to be always taking note of the conversation? Have you noticed that when voices are raised towards someone whom the dog knows or respects that the dog becomes a little more alert? Yes, dogs want to be part of the conversation and yes, dogs care.

Dogs have an uncanny ability to cheer a person up, when a person is unwell or upset or even just lonely a dog will instinctively nuzzle up to that person. In forcing the person to pay attention many tears have been turned into smiles by the wet nose of a dog just pushing in asking “what’s wrong?” and saying “hey, I’m here”. You are part of their pack and whilst you may be the alpha in many respects you are nonetheless part of the pack or extended pack and you are important.

When you are down, when things are not going right, if work is not so great or if business needs something but you can’t put your finger on it, where do you turn? Most of us will turn to family, friends, colleagues or business partners; some will turn elsewhere and get an answer far better than anyone else can give. These people turn to their dog.

Why turn to a dog?

A dog as is well documented is known to be intelligent just like humans, but a dog unlike humans only deals with what it directly knows, sees, smells and senses. With a dog no clutter gets in the way and whilst he cannot answer you in spoken language he can give clear answers and at the very least show you that he really understands your problem. Talking dogs are only found in movies but in reality all dogs speak to us when we need them to, they speak a language unique between man and dog and a language that has developed and matured over many years if the dog has been with that person since a pup. Few, if any will understand what the dog is saying but the one who speaks with the dog will. The conversation between man and dog is private, honest and special.

Being with a dog and especially stroking or grooming a dog has been proven to reduce stress, this works both ways and a tense dog will loosen up with attention. When you de-stress you can think more clearly and you will become relaxed, a dog will sense this and his actions will prompt you to act in a certain way and of course talk to him. Nobody can say that they haven’t spoken to a dog, dogs demand conversation from humans, don’t ask why, they just do. When de-stress, relaxed and with your dog you will get answers to what you want, you will hear the answer you want to hear and because the dog understands what you are saying you will know from his response if it is the right thing.

A dog can help you get the answer to a problem, he can relax you and he can cheer you up. In essence a dog will be what you already know to be true… he will be your best friend! Because you relax and because you cheer up you will see things differently, approach a problem proactively and if you are unwell your body will work better to fight the illness and it all starts with having a conversation with your dog.

Written for the WooFDriverProject Blog by Matthew Newnham

  2 comments for “A Conversation With Your Dog

  1. Hope
    November 21, 2014 at 8:11 pm

    True statement. Having dogs all my life I’ve had many, many dog human conversations. And I make up language with them that only we understand. Have often given a command in our secret language only to have someone say,” what the hell did you say.” Me and my BFF just smile our secret smile at each other.

  2. November 25, 2014 at 6:03 pm

    I’m right with you on that one Hope!!

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