A Christmas Miracle Happens For Abandoned Dog

They say dogs are not just for Christmas, but it seems one dog owner was not interested in that saying after they left their pet travelling alone on a bus in Manchester, UK.

Passengers travelling on the Rochdale, Manchester, bus was shocked to see a dog travelling alone on the bus over Christmas. The dog that was crawling with fleas and very hungry looked sad as it sat on the bus alone wondering what it had done to be abandoned by his owners.

A dog warden took the dog, which has now been named Bobby to Cheshire Dog’s Home. The media ran a number of stories about Bobby being left alone on the bus, but his previous owners did not come forward.

Thanks to Facebook the Christmas sad story has turned into a fairy-tale ending after one couple spotted the story on the popular social network. Chris and Amanda Ball from Wales read all about Bobby and fell in love with him as soon as they saw his picture. The pair, who lives in Rhyl, contacted the dog’s home to ask if they could adopt Bobby and give him the home that he deserves.

Amanda, 56, said: “We read the article and just fell in love with him.
“As soon as he came through the door at the dogs’ home, he made a beeline for us, rolled over and allowed us to make a fuss of him.
“We knew we had to adopt him. He knows his name is Bobby, and we were happy to keep it as he is now our very own Bobby Ball.”

Just in time for Christmas, Bobby has now got a new home living in Rhyl with Amanda and Chris, showing that Christmas miracles really do happen.

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