The Fastest Dog Breeds: Reaching Top Speed

It’s a familiar sight to see a dog running across a yard reaching top speeds, chasing the ball or exerting playful energy. Seeming to never lose stamina and surprising us with the ability to fly right by without breaking stride, it’s easy to wonder how fast they can really go. You may be surprised to learn that there are dogs that run as fast as 30-45mph.

The Greyhound:

This long legged, slender beauty is probably most commonly recognized as the fastest dog of all breeds. Clocked at speeds up to 45 mph, its gorgeous stride covers ground rapidly yet gracefully. After the run is through, however, they love to come inside and rest on a cushy sofa or bed, making them a great house dog.

The Saluki:

Reaching top speeds of 43mph, this slim and trim breed was recognized in the 1996 Guinness Book of World Records for the fastest dog. Originally used to chase down Gazelle, they were eventually used to run down hare. There is a possibility that the Saluki is faster than even the Greyhound when it comes to long distance running

The Vizsla:

This compact and superb hunter has a strong instinct and drive to run. Reaching top speeds of 40mph, this breed can outsprint most dogs in a mile run. Dually fast on both land and in water, the Vizsla is agile and can quickly maneuver turns while hunting.

The Whippet:

This amazing smaller breed may seem quiet and reserved, but they have been known to run a 200 yard sprint in under 12 seconds. Reaching up to 36mph, this sighthound is the fastest dog in its weight class. The Whippet is often used in lure coursing.

The Border Collie:

This breed of high intelligence is known for reaching top speeds of 30mph. As a herding dog it also excels at quick movements and turning sharp corners on a dime, perfect for rounding up cattle and sheep. The Border Collie is a favorite of farmers, Flyball lovers, and Frisbee games.

The Borzoi:

Also known as the Russian Wolfhound, this beautiful breed has a large, tall and strong frame that allows long distance running in order to catch their prey. Reaching top speeds of 36mph this scenthound chases down wolves, fox and hare.

The Dalmatian:

Bred for endurance and strength, the Dalmation has been known to reach speeds up to 37mph. With an affinity for horses, they are recognized as an instinctive follower and guardian of the horse drawn carriage. However, they also play the role of a ratter, sporting dog and a war dog.

The Doberman, Weimaraner, German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois and Husky:

Each of these large, independent yet faithful breeds have all been clocked at reaching top speeds of 30mph or more. Used in a variety of jobs, they represent endurance, wisdom and strength.

Close Behind:

Despite their large and small frames, these breeds follow close behind the others, reaching top speeds in the 20-30mph range. The Rhodesian Ridgeback, Anatolian Shepherd, Giant Schnauzer and even the smaller Jack Russell Terrier are also fast and domineering at full throttle.

Top Rated Runners

The incredible capabilities of these breeds make them a favorite of sport fans, those who need working dogs, and families. Reaching top speeds that will astonish many, we can appreciate their drive, intelligence and endurance while offering respect to their skills. So if you have a specific need for a dog with speed, be it for athletics or work, research and consider one of these breeds for your next pet.

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