Ground Hog Lock, Tinicum Park, New Hope, Bowman’s Hill, Washington Crossing, Yardley, Morrisville, Bristol

Ground Hog Lock – Tinicum Park

This 14.9 mile section of towpath begins in Laubsville and is also located within the Delaware Canal State park. The Groundhog Lock trailhead contains a restored lock and locktender’s house, and would make the perfect location for an afternoon picnic. The trail has recently been restored after flooding, and is perfect for biking and hiking with your pup.

Stop in Riegelsville, a National Historic District, to explore one of its historical mansions, commercial buildings, and other residencies. The Benjamin Riegel House, an excellent example of a Georgian-style mansion, was built by the town’s founder, and has been a National Historic Landmark since 1986.

As you make your way to Tinicum Park, enjoy the beautiful views from a suspension bridge over the Delaware, similar to San Fransisco’s Golden Gate Bridge. Riegelsville also has a boat landing with access to the waterway, for fishing and paddling with your pooch.

Tinicum Park – New Hope

This 14.7 mile length of towpath, again located inside the Delaware Canal State Park, was also recently reopened after flood repairs. Stay a few hours to enjoy the scenery and wildlife of the Delaware River Islands, located in Upper Black Eddy. This area includes 11 islands that are designated as protected natural areas. You will see endangered species and unique geological features, and will have the opportunity to enjoy water activities such as fishing or canoeing.

Before continuing to New Hope, take a detour to Ringing Rocks Park. It has unique boulders that ring like a bell when struck with a hammer. The park also boasts a gorgeous waterfall, and would make a great place to stop for reflection, or enjoy a lunch break with Fido. There are also several trails located within the park that are excellent for mountain biking.

Downtown New Hope, with its old-world charm and hospitality, is full of shops, restaurants and museums, and would make a brilliant place to spend some time before getting back on the trail.

New Hope – Bowman’s Hill

The short trail from New Hope to the Bowman’s Hill Trailhead was also recently repaired after flooding. The 2.3 mile length of towpath is within the boundaries of the Delaware Canal State Park.

The trailhead in Bowman’s Hill is located within a 134-acre Wildflower Preserve. You can see over 1,000 different types of wildflowers, and the countless species of birds and other wildlife that these flowers attract. There are trails within the Preserve, and you can even take a guided tour. Meadows, woodlands, ponds and Pidcock Creek set the backdrop for this beautiful park.

Bowman’s Hill – Washington Crossing

This 4.1 mile length of trail connects the Bowman’s Hill Wildflower Preserve and Washington Crossing Historical Park. Located within the Delaware Canal State Park, this trail was also recently repaired, and is perfect for a hike with your dog or a mountain bike adventure.

The Washington Crossing Historical Park marks the site where General Washington crossed the Delaware into Trenton during the American Revolution. It is a National Historic Landmark, and contains a museum and countless other structures of historical significance within its 500 acres of land. This spot is a beautiful setting for learning about the history of our country, while enjoying its rich scenery and wildlife.

Washington Crossing – Yardley

Another area recently repaired after flooding, this 4.6 mile section leaves the Washington Crossing Visitor Center towards the town of Yardley. Perfect for hiking and biking, the towpath is part of the Delaware Canal State Park.

Yardley has rich historical significance, and traces its roots as far back as 1862. It was integral to the Underground Railroad during the Civil War, and several buildings used as havens for runaway slaves are open to the public. Several other historical buildings, canals and bridges are located within the town.

Yardley – Morrisville

Before heading 4.2 mile path to Morrisville, enjoy a snack within Yardley at one of its many eateries. The trail, recently renovated after flooding, is an easy walk for you and your furry friends. Along the way, stop at the Garden of Reflection, the September 11th memorial dedicated to all who lost their lives in the tragedy, including 17 Bucks county residents.

Located on the banks of the Delaware directly across from Trenton, New Jersey, Morrisville contains the home of Pennsylvania’s founding father; William Penn. Pennsbury Manor has been restored and is open to the public. Many other mansions, theatres and historical buildings are located within this important town.

Morrisville – Bristol

The last stretch of the Delaware and Lehigh Trail connects Morrisville and Bristol, via a 9.1 mile towpath. This area of the trail has several long-term obstructions, and a construction project makes part of the path temporarily impassable. Use caution when hiking with your pooch.

Once in Bristol, the end of the D & L Trail, enjoy your accomplishment, and take in some of the historical significance of the 3rd oldest town in Pennsylvania. Downtown Bristol also has a beautiful gazebo and river-front park. Take in a snack at one of its fantastic restaurants, or relax and enjoy a picnic while overlooking the beautiful Delaware River.

If you and your buddy are not ready to end your hiking trip, take a detour to nearby Silver Lake Nature Center, to enjoy more than 250 acres of flowers, forests, and pristine water features.

The Delaware and Lehigh Trail is one of the longest and most historically significant trails in the Northeast. This area has much to offer for the outdoor enthusiast who enjoys taking their dogs along for the ride. Visit a few trail sections, or start an adventure, and be the envy of your friends as you share your tales from hiking the entire length of the trail.

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