Do Dogs Pray?

On any given Sunday millions of people around the world go to church and pray. In fact people of all faiths and creeds pray each and every day and thus it would therefore be no surprise that dogs pray too.

Master and Pack

Dogs in their world today are very close to their master and in their wild packs they are very close to each other with a distinct hierarchy in place where the dogs, bitches and pups sit in groups often deep in thought (or could it be prayer?) Just look at a wolf howling as if into thin air, is the wolf just howling because he can or is their thought, purpose and hope in the thoughts of the dog. For some reason it seems clear that dogs pray.

Dogs truly care about their pack and their own human pack. How many times do you just sit and watch your dog just watching you? A dog will often be sat deep in thought just watching and deep in thought which is exactly what prayer is.

Dog Pray For the Good

It’s clear each day your dog prays for the good things in his life. He sits and waits and often just thinks, and in his eyes you can see the gratitude well before the dog has even got what he has asked for. The dog knows instinctively that there is some being greater than him and he knows how to communicate fluently.

As you leave the house each day and pat your dog and say your farewell, you go through the ritual of ensuring he is fed and watered and your dog watches you head out the door. Your dog watches you, whether he knows where you are going or not he wants you to be safe. Deep in his eyes as you turn to him that last time before you close the gate or close the door you can see he is praying. He wants you to be safe, he wants to have an awesome day he wants you to be happy.

Dog Breed Doesn’t Matter

Dogs pray it’s a fact; they love their masters to the nth degree. It has often been said that God created man so that dogs might have company, and it’s because of this that dogs love us so much. Watch when a dog sits by a child sleeping; the dog will go up to the child and sniff but will then step back, sit and just think for a second before curling up or just nuzzling up close. That pause, that brief moment is perhaps your dog praying. It makes no difference what breed of dog you have, they all do it.

Just face it; your dog has a connection with God or the universe. How often has your dog taken you somewhere that you didn’t think you wanted to go only to experience something special or find out that the route you would have taken could have harmed you? Does it not make sense that the sixth sense we all know dogs have is communicated by prayer?

Dogs are our best friends, they know more about us than we do and even if you don’t pray you can be assured that your dog does and your dog has prayers that are answered.

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham


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