Beauty Is Inside A Dog

In the wild dogs live and work in packs, they struggle through the trials of life to raise pups, help elders and hunt for food. In the pack it would be fair to say that the dogs have little time for vanity and, unless there is a secret about dogs that we are not aware of they have little need to look pretty and smell nice for anyone.

Clothing for Dogs

Over the centuries man has tried his best to humanise his best friend and in recent times the humanisation of canines has become big business. Clothing for dogs has become an industry worth millions of dollars each and every year, there are even fashion shows for doggywear. Dog clothing has become not only mainstream with the likes of Wal-Mart offering a wide range of dog clothing but also designer with world famous fashion designers putting their name to clothes worn by a diva’s best friend. Cartier, the world famous jewellery maker has even produced dog collars that cost more than many people will earn in a life time.

Has anyone stopped to think what the dog really thinks of this?

Does your dog really and truly understand fashion? Is your dog fussy about the brand he or she is wearing? Does your dog take notice of the latest fashion trends or notice what other dogs are wearing?

What Would Your Dog Think?

If dogs could choose or had a say in what they wore, or are made to wear what would they choose? Would your poodle choose ribbons and bows in pastel shades of pink and blue? Even poodles surely have a masculine side and it’s fairly certain that without human intervention that the pompom look and pretty ribbons would not be the style of choice, give a dog credit where it is due. And the butch bulldogs and Pitbulls, inside surely they are not all black leather and studded collars and bad boy attitude? If dog’s could choose what they wear I dare say their choice would be a polar opposite to what their owners think and in all honesty, if one goes back to nature dogs would most likely be happiest with no clothes at all.

In the pack the naked dog didn’t have to worry about their hairdo or how they smelt. The next big industry for dogs and another the canines must just laugh at is that of doggy parlours. Yes there is a good reason for some of the reasons for the doggy parlour and that is hygiene. Dogs are part of a human world and cleanliness and smelling better is very much part of being part of this world, if we as humans fail to wash, bath or shower frequently we start to smell and the same goes for dogs. Controlling fleas and keeping the dog and his coat healthy are all good but really, again if a dog had a choice would he go to the parlour?

Women always complement each other “your hair looks so nice”, do dogs, especially females think the same? What another dog looks like seems of little consequence in the sniffing of another dog where smell means more than looks. Yes a shiny clean coat looks awesome, dogs and other wild animals produce this effect naturally and of course as soon as the dog is out of the parlour…. You guessed it… they roll around, splash in the water and do all they can to do what they think makes them beautiful or handsome. The parlour or spa effect doesn’t last, the health benefits do pay off but the fancy shampoos and conditioners followed by a blow dry don’t last if owners are truly honest. Of course many dogs love the parlour, they love being the centre of attention and being pampered… remember your dog will always do what is needed to keep you happy, it’s part of their mind control and we as humans fall for it continuing to dress our dogs and groom them in style.

So to the Woofs who had their Spa recently I want to say that you look beautiful and even without the special treatment those who know you will always love you.

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham

Dog collar composed of six rows of pearls embellished with two imperial eagles in diamonds. Ordered by the Grand Duchess Vladimir in 1900.


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