Do Dogs Like Music?

Have you ever wondered, while you tap your feet and sing along, out of key and not quite remembering the lyrics to your favourite song, if your dog actually likes the same music as you? Does your dog actually like music at all or does he just put up with it as part of the unconditional love that is wired into his vastly superior brain?

Dogs as we all know have far better hearing than humans and this surely affects the way a dog hears the music, meaning your favourite artist may sound very different to a dog. Dogs don’t seem to mind what their master listens to but it is fair to say that they clearly have tracks or artists they prefer; you will see it in your dog when you play your music.

Type of Music

Dogs don’t seem to mind what music they listen to, they will sit in a teen’s bedroom listening to Justin Bieber or Katy Perry just as easily as in the lounge where an adult is listening to Abba, Queen, Metallica or Beethoven. In fact the dog may move to a room or place where a family member is playing a certain artist or track he likes and there is perhaps a hint of musical preference or even taste. When your daughter belts out “Teenage Dream” or “beauty and a beat” and her is excuse “but the dog loves it”, then you turn it down and the dog growls, you will know your dog is perhaps more into music than you imagine!

Whether music to a dog is just a load of reckless noise or whether it does actually mean something is not really understood but have you considered your dog when you choose your music?

Dogs Howl

We have all seen a dog howl, as if singing along, to certain musical tracks or instruments. These tracks or sounds clearly mean something to the dog as the howling is generally happy. Some music may send the wrong or even mixed messages to your dog, making them angry, aggressive or the very reverse, very much what music can do for humans. When a dog howls he even looks around to see who is watching, don’t believe me just take a look next time your dog sings because dogs love to be seen singing!

Clearly there is a link between music and dogs; music must play a part as the sound of howling, a pups cry or even a bark has done for a dog since before domestication. Each sound has a meaning and somewhere in the cacophony sounds is the basic foundation of dog language; the language is clearly yet unintentionally mimicked in some forms of music, behaviour shows it to be so. Every dog it seems will hear something different; from experience my own border collie would sing along to a Casio keyboard with joy but the golden retriever didn’t even react, so each breed dog has his own preference of music it seems.

Singing Along

But what does your dog think of you when you listen to music? If you are singing along as you get to the park, does your dog leap from the car faster to get as far away as possible? Here is his master singing to what to the dog is a painful noise, he sees you are happy but needs to escape. He must be wondering “what is it with humans and music?” and it’s fairly certain that your dog knows where the off button is or where the select button is so he can make a choice. What must dogs make of us?

When you next have music playing consider your dog, have a look how he reacts and be considerate. If your dog is a Belieber then let him be so, if he enjoys Katy Perry let him also enjoy, as long as your dog is happy and the music is good then life is at its best!

This post was written by international author Matt Newnham

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